Sunday 31 March 2019

Our Family in March

March ended with the not only Mother's Day but also the clocks going forward which means the day started too early. It got better thankfully with a lovely afternoon at the beach with both my babies and my Mum and we got our last minute as ever family photos.  We managed five happy faces looking at the camera in one (never six, obviously) but I think my favourite is this first one where not a single one of us knows where the camera is clearly!

March was full of colour, sunshine and preparing for spring.  We watched daffodils bloom, we considered wearing sandals before slipping our feet back into trainers and we (well I) started buying all the lovely summer things.  We had ice cream at the beach, paddled in the sea barefoot and I am pretty sure that all four children had huge growth spurts as they seem to be getting bigger everytime I look at them!

This month I loved getting back into running, buying sandals in the hope of summer weather, sending the children outside in the garden when they get in and going to the pub quiz with friends.

Ed has loved turning 29 again, watching Star Trek, going to a gig with some friends and a brewery tour.

Dylan has loved celebrating his friends birthday, karate club at school, going swimming with friends at the weekend and bringing me tea in bed this morning.

Archie has loved choosing new trainers, watching Dumbo at the cinema, planning how he would spend a million pounds and afternoon park trips with his friends.

Finn has loved practising writing his name, his very first swimming lesson, having all the bedtime stories and the road map I made on the floor from washi tape.

Cora has loved watching Dinosaur King, cuddling her piggy, playing with water out in the garden and cheesestrings.

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