Tuesday 1 January 2019

Cora at Two and a Half

Somewhere between the Celebrations of Christmas and the Miniature Heroes of the New Year, Cora celebrated her 'half birthday' and turned two and a half.  It may not be the most major of milestones but I love stopping sometimes to just appreciate how my children are right now.  To jot down a few of their quirks, the funny things they do and say and record them to look back at when she is twenty five and a half.  

Cora may be small but never underestimate her.  She is the boss and she knows it.  She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  She is a typical two year old in that she is more than capable of throwing a good tantrum and she practices regularly.  She throws herself to the floor with some tears that magically disappear as soon as something like a biscuit is mentioned.  She is pushing all the boundaries and finding her own way through rather than following in the paths of her brothers.

At two and a half Cora is around 85cm tall and still wearing mostly age 12-18 month clothes alongside some 18-24 months now.  Her feet are a size 22 (around a 5.5) and she is far smaller than her brothers were at this age. She is all grown up in the day in big girl pants and dresses which she absolutely does not need any help putting on, but at night time in a nappy and zip up romper she seems so much smaller.  Unlike her brothers she is fiercely independent when it comes to self dressing and if I try and help with a tricky zip she is more likely to take everything off and start again than let me help.  

She loves her scooter and can race her brothers well, one legging sticking out in the air like a little daredevil.  She loves to be carried everywhere too though, preferably in my arms but a sling will do.  She loves playing with her babies and I love listening to her  'I will push you in your buggy darling, here is your milk darling' (not quite sure where the darling came from!). Her favourite game is hide and seek and she will always, always choose Blaze and the Monster Machines on tv.  Everything should be pink, or purple at a push and pasta is her meal of choice.  

At two and a half her speech has snowballed and she communicates well telling me stories and thoughts and often making up lies that really confuse me! She still breastfeeds before bed and first thing in the morning but rarely feeds during the day anymore, but she does have 'giraffe milk' (Soya milk) during the day sometimes.  She adores all three of her brothers and has lots of friends that she loves to play with.  

At two and a half Cora is turning into a proper little girl and I am enjoying watching her grow and thrive.  She is my little pocket baby and my feisty little girl.

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  1. Half birthday! Jaja))
    I like it!

    Happy half-birthday!


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