Thursday 31 January 2019

Our Family in January

We are going to be carrying on with the me and mine project this year as it is one of my favourite things to look back on. I love seeing how we have all changed and grown and looking at what we got up to each month.  We have taken a similar photo every January for a few years now as I love the snowy background and our ski holiday is the absolute highlight of the month!

This month has been about back to school after the Christmas break, making plans for the rest of the year and of course a week in the French Alps (check out our video here).  There has been a lot of birthday party planning (Archie) which is ironic considering he hasn't made a 'final decision' as to what he actually wants to do for his birthday.

This month I have loved skiing with Dylan and Archie,  cold mornings at the beach with Cora, browsing holiday websites in the hope that my bank account suddenly fills up with money and my new purple glittery DM boots.

Ed has loved getting back on his skis, playing Minecraft with the boys, his new electric blanket and watching Les Miserables.

Dylan has loved topic day at school where they dressed up as Stone Age people and did activities, Crepe and games night during our ski trip, building his Minecraft Lego sets and going to the wildlife park.

Archie has loved playing Minecraft, dreaming about Minecraft, talking about Minecraft and drawing Minecraft pictures.

Finn has loved having all his fingers back now the bandages are off, showing everyone at nursery his skiing book (A scrapbook I made them with pictures and things from the holiday), a day out on the trains with Mummy and telling me how much he is growing.

Cora has loved cheesy pasta, or at least asking for it at every mealtime every day, having some time with just me after the holidays and the ski trip with everyone around, watching Shimmer and Shine and jumping in puddles.

It has felt like the longest month but we know how quick February usually is and there are two birthdays to plan next month!

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