Monday 31 December 2018

Me and Mine in December

December has been full of ups and downs but we have some great memories to accompany the less great ones.  There has been plenty of sickness and a broken bone (Finn) but there was also a girls trip to Budapest and all the excitement of Christmas so I am going to say it was overall a good month.  

Of course December ends the year and usually I do a big round up of everything that has gone on here, but I have to admit that after the past couple of days in hospital with Finn, I am not sure I have the energy for that so I will do a quick summary before I add our favourite things for the month.

It was the year Dylan started junior school, left old friends and made plenty of new ones.  He found a love for art and computer games and I am sure he grew far too fast.  Archie broke his collar bone and showed us all just how resillient he is.  He moved into year one and still gives the very best cuddles.  This was the year we applied for Finn's school place, the year he started wearing glasses and big boy pants and the year he broke his finger.  Cora stopped speaking in words and started using sentences.  This was the year Cora left behind babyhood, moving into a big bed, big pants and travelling everywhere on her scooter.  It was the year we took them to Disneyland alongside other holidays and trips like skiing, a music festival and glamping.  It was a year of fun and trying to have more one on one time and I have high hopes for 2019! 

In December I loved getting away for a 3 day break in Budapest with Cora, watching the children's faces on Christmas morning, playing card games with my family on Christmas evening and going in the thermal baths in Budapest.

Ed loved Christmas eve drinks with his friends, watching Star Trek Discovery, having boxes of Christmas chocolates in the house and how hard Archie tried to be nice in the lead up to Christmas.

Dylan loved the Christmas Fair at his school, having a sleepover with his friend, getting Cozmo the robot for Christmas and Christmas tree chocolates.

Archie loved the Stretch Armstrong he got from his Uncle and Aunty for Christmas, a big end of term party with his friends, showing off his cuddling abilities and watching YouTube videos of other people playing Roblox.

Finn loved watching Spirited away (many, many times), the fun afternoon he spent at a&e (he genuinely had a great time!), watching the Santa tracker on Christmas eve and his new train tracks that Father Christmas brought.

Cora loved travelling on a plane with Mummy, her vet kit that Grandma and Grandpa bought her for Christmas, taking Bella dog for walks and having all her brothers at home for the holidays.

I will definitely be carrying on our me and mine tradition into 2019 as I love having so many family photos to look back on! We can't wait for whatever it has in stock, although if nobody can break any bones next year that would be great!

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  1. Hi there, family! ))
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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