Sunday 1 July 2018

Something Different

I have recently started watching a program on sky arts called 'Master of Photography' (a Bake Off style programme for photographers where they are set a different challenge each weak with the weakest contestant being eliminated) and it has made me feel totally inspired to take more photos. I have so much to learn about photographing children still, but I felt inspired to challenge myself in new ways, to step out of my comfort zone and go back to basics. 

I went for a run earlier in the week, only it was too hot and my body gave up quickly so I took out my phone to take some photos of my surroundings.  I tried to look for the beauty in where I was with only my phone to capture it. These photos are just part of a mini project I want to start to learn more about photography using what I have around me. 

Part of photography is in the camera but the most important bit is in the photographer - seeing an angle, finding the beauty, composition, capturing something, and those are the skills I want to improve. These aren't edited or cropped, I tried to get the angles right the first time and I can't wait to get back out. 

I live in such a beautiful place and I am looking forward to photographing it.

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  1. How have I not heard of this program! Sounds right up our street, as togs obviously! There is so much more to photography than just a pretty picture composition or just knowing how to use a camera, you kinda need both skills to really make it work. Look forward to seeing more of your shots


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