Wednesday 4 July 2018

Cora Turns Two

Last week my youngest baby turned two and it really felt like we were celebrating the end of the baby days.  We decided to hire a bouncy castle for the day which then escalated into throwing a huge party that lasted all day.  All Cora's little friends came round at lunchtime for a bounce and some cake, and then the boys brought home some friends after school to make the most of the giant inflatable.  In the evening, we had family round from both sides for a bbq in the garden and we kept the bouncy castle overnight so we could bounce away into the night!  I think Cora had a great time, she looked so happy surrounded by everyone she loves.

I know that at this age Cora doesn't really understand birthdays and she certainly doesn't need a party but I love it and having a summer birthday it feels like a perfect excuse to get everyone together too, to enjoy some sunshine.  She had a little nap before the first guests arrived at midday and then stayed awake until the last ones were leaving at 8:30!

Recently she was sent a beautiful dress from Roco clothing which she is wearing in many of the photos.  Unfortunately being a messy toddler still, the dress didn't make it through the day so there was an outfit change for the evening! We love the beautiful silver party dress and she looked like a little princess all dressed up.  

It wasn't easy taking photos without other children in, but I have a few of Cora enjoying her day (and her cakes).  The lovely folk at Party Swan sent us some props - the large second birthday photo board and the selfie frame and we loved snapping away with them!

Cora is walking and running, talking and singing, scooting and jumping and in many ways she is much older than the boys were at the same age (probably comes with having three big brothers) but at the end of the day as she fell asleep in my arms she was still my baby and I know she always will be.

Happy 2nd Birthday Cora

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