Saturday 2 January 2016

What the Boys Wore - Me and I

I first discovered the Swedish brand Me & I at a Baby Show when Dylan was small.  I had a chunky baby who wore cloth nappies and their clothes were perfectly designed for him, with a generous fit, long bodied vest and some brilliant prints.  We still have those first items I bought and they will be worn by their third child this winter.  Everything lasted so well that it is one of the few brands I know I can pass down through all three boys and Finn will still look great in.

We have bought much more Me & I since then and were recently sent this beautiful vest and dungaree combo for Finn.  I just love the colours (I can't resist anything yellow) and the print is so unisex and childish that I know it will be easy to find a new home for once it is outgrown.  The quality is superb and after several washes this is still looking as bright as ever.

The fit for the dungarees is wide and even the chunkiest tot will fit comfortably.  Finn is certainly filling out now and I love the relaxed look on him as they seem to hang just right.  The cuffs at the bottom of the legs mean it doesn't matter if they are a bit long and the vest is printed on the inside of the cuff so you can roll the sleeves (like I have in these pictures) and they still have apples all the way down.

Me and I consists of an organic baby collection, unisex kids clothing up to the age 12 and then a seperate section for women's clothing too.  The prices reflect the quality, individuality and are at the top end of what I would pay for my children.  It is knowing how well they last, that we have clothes that are on their third child and still looking as good as new that makes me keep going back to them.
At the moment Me&I is sold through sales representatives that can offer parties or personal orders, but they are looking to make a UK webshop in the new year.  You can find all the details on how to host a party or find you local representative on the website under the 'how to shop' section 


  1. Oh doesn't he look adorable- I love the apples! And I'm with you on the quality vs price debate, if I know something will wear like iron and do for all three I don't mind it being a bit more expensive. Some of my favourite clothes for the kids have been Kitty's then Elma's and now Pip's without so much as a fade in colour, though honourable mention goes to a baby gro that was a hand me down from H's cousin to Kitty and was then worn by Elma, my nephew and Pip before finally wearing a tiny hole in the knee!!


    He looks adorable! I love the dungarees, and that some of the apples have been munched. I'd definitely dress the twins in something like this!

  3. I love the range of clothes from Me & I, they are so colourful with fabulous prints.

  4. aaaa he looks rather pleased to be wearing them. Loving the colours, the more neutral against the bright, gorgeous.


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