Sunday 31 January 2016

Me and Mine January

It is our third year taking part in the Me and Mine Project and I am so glad that we started taking our monthly family photos.  Not only have our boys grown, but so has our family and by the end of this year there will be an extra child to squeeze into the shot - we do like to make things difficult!

January has been a busy month for us, we announced our fourth pregnancy as well as sharing a little gender reveal video.  We headed to the alps for a week away skiing with Snowbizz and Dylan and Archie had their very first ski lesson whilst Finn had his first experience of the snow.  Dylan started his second term of school and we have started preparing for two little birthdays next month.

Our photos had to come from France, although leaving it until the afternoon of the last day meant the boys were not feeling particularly co-operative and a mixture of the sun starting to set and me still not feeling particularly comfortable with my camera settings in the snow meant that our skin seems to look particularly grey and the snow a little blue.  This is us though, as we enter an exciting year.

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Mummy is loving the 2 weeks she seemed to have energy amidst all the pregnancy exhaustion, finally being able to show off her bump, quiet mornings reading whilst the boys had their ski lessons and shopping for a baby girl.

Daddy is loving getting his skis back on now that he is more confident on the snow, finding out he is going to have a daughter, catching up with old friends and spending more time with the children.

Dylan is loving learning about space at school, making friends on the ski holiday, seeing Aunty NatNat and having packed lunches at the Snow Creche.

Archie is loving learning to ski, telling me all about what his baby sister is up to, playing Vikings and dragons and finding new hiding places.

Finn is loving learning to crawl,  all the attention that he got in the creche on holiday, eating chips and roaring.

 We are looking forward to a calmer and cake filled Febraury now.


  1. You've definitely kicked off the year with a big bang Becky. What an exciting year 2016 is going to be for you all. And so lovely to kick off the year with some snowy photos... I'm starting to think that we might need to venture abroad for some snow because I'm so fed up of waiting and never getting any. Hehehe! x

  2. Oh im so excited for you. I have always wanted four children! Can't wait to follow this next exciting journey of yours x

  3. You've started the year on a total high! So glad you had a nice 2 weeks of energy - I remember the pregnancy exhaustion so well. Whenever I'd have a day of energy I actually felt amazing! xx

  4. What a way to start 2016! Congratulations on your pregnancy, we have four children and I am always so excited to read of other familys who are as crazy as us! (We love it though and wouldn't change a thing) Lovely photos xx


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