Monday 10 August 2015

Dylan Turns 4!

One of the phrases most recited to parents of young children is 'The days are long, but the years are short' and it couldn't be more true.  I have counted down to bedtime I don't know how many times, but I really can't understand how I needed four candles on Dylan's cake last weekend - How is he that big already?

His last night as a three year old was spent in a state of excitement, and reading a new Topsy and Tim book about their Birthday party contributed to the 6am wake up -  making sure we weren't going to be late to his party.  

The day started off disastrously when we realised that the four spots that were on Archie's tummy when he went to sleep had multiplied and there was no doubt that he had chicken pox.  Thankfully there weren't too many cancellations and the party could still go ahead.

I am a fan of the 'retro' party, and having a summer baby, it seems silly not to make the most of being outdoors.  My parents have a lovely garden, and so the plan was a BBQ, pass the parcels and a whole lot of 4 year olds running riot outside.  The sun shone for us, and Dylan and his friends played hard for two hours.  We didn't manage to fit in much other than decorating party bags and pass the parcel before it was time for his cake (home made of course).

Once friends had gone, we had a much quieter party for family and Dylan had a chance to open some presents and sit down.

I took home four very tired boys, three of which didn't make it home awake (thankfully the bloke did!)

Dylan turning four is such a big moment for him and I.  He spends all year looking forward to his birthday, having his friends there just for him, having a cake baked and a song sung and of course getting gifts too.  For me it marks four years since I became a mama, and every year I watch him with pride.

Ladybird are celebrating the #littlebigmoments all summer on twitter @ladybirdbooks so join in the chat with your experiences, whether they are a first tooth, first time dipping toes in the sand or the first day at school.  You can follow Topsy and Tim on their adventure with Chelsea Mamma next weekend as they go camping 


If you want to win a copy of Topsy and Tim have a birthday party then pop over to my facebook page now!  The giveaway ends on August 17th 2015 at 9am and UK entrants only.


  1. Aww, it looks like you all had such a lovely day celebrating Dylan's birthday. He looks so excited bless him, and also so so SO grown up in that photo of him dressed as spider man. x

  2. Those cakes look lush! Happy Birthday Dylan! x


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