Saturday 28 March 2015

Shoes for Adventures

Archie is a toddler who needs to move.  He is not content walking along the pavement, he needs to explore, find stones, sticks, alleys and mischief.  His selective hearing means that when you mention he doesn't have his wellies on he still jumps in every puddle and a little bit of mud is not getting in the way of fun!

Start-rite sent us a pair of shoes for him (the Milan shoes), and they seem to be keeping up with his little feet pretty well! They look great with everything he wears and they are very hardwearing, with the leather outer being wipe clean.  The white ends are scuff proof which means even after a couple of months of wear, they still look smart and clean.

This is our first pair of Start-rite shoes, but I know it won't be our last as the fit is fantastic and every time we have bought cheaper shoes, they are destroyed in a matter of weeks.  These shoes were made for Archie's adventures (although I would still rather he wore wellies for puddle jumping!).

 Getting the right fitting shoes is very important for growing feet, and Start-rite have a new information hub with a great video about the way in which our children move and having healthy little feet.  Archie's have so many adventures behind them and so many still to come as he learns to hop, skip, run faster and climb higher so I want to protect them as best I can.


  1. Ah I love these schools, they look so cute! My Archie has 'hammer toe' on both feet so we have to be very careful about what shoes he wears as he's too young for a corrective op yet so I'm always on the look out for a good pair of shoes x

  2. Bloody autocorrect, I obviously meant shoes not schools!

  3. Those shoes are so cute, I love the colours. The velcro is also a great addition, makes learning to put shoes on themselves so much easier x


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