Sunday 22 February 2015

The Third Baby

The first baby gets spoilt - New clothes, toys, furniture and of course lovely gifts from family and friends.  Dylan had so much we didn't have to shop for the first year and cards came in from people we had never even met as it was the first grandchild for my parents and a special occasion.  With him being our first, we had a disposable income that allowed us to choose the pushchair and nursery furniture of our choice and everything was new.

The second baby does well - especially when he is born not long after his sibling and Archie was treated to all new furniture as Dylan was still in his cot and a new buggy as we needed a double now.  He got bought beautiful things from family and friends but the visitors didn't queue at the door as they had the first time and we were not inundated.  We were happy and he was loved.

With the third, I am not sure what to expect.  To us, it is still just as exciting, his arrival will be as amazing and life changing as before, and he will be new in every way, but with this being our third in as many years, will everyone else still be as interested?  Pretzel still has some lovely new bits and I have had more fun shopping for his clothes than with either of the other boys as we know we are pretty sorted for a lot of things.  We have a nursery set now that Dylan has outgrown his, although we do need to buy a new cot mattress.  We have baby toys and books in every room of the house and more importantly, we know what we need - what we like and what we didn't get on with.  

The third baby isn't likely to attract as much attention, but maybe that is for the best?  We have three children to feed and dress now, three to entertain and we have to forge a new routine as our family grows.  Shopping for baby things will no longer be a leisurely day out as it was with the first, but we will likely look to online retailers like online4baby as we have the ease of doing so whilst the little ones are in bed, and it is totally acceptable to answer the door to the delivery man in your onesie when you have three children - right?

There will be no unnecessary purchases this time, we know the brands we trust like Hauck, we know the value or a good sling, of a baby bouncer, of having muslins in every corner of every room.  We know that the baby bath never got used, and that our little Pretzel will mostly likely share a bath with either me or his brothers until he is old enough to complain, and that we can and will cope with two in cloth nappies again.  We are more confident as parents this time, although I know his smallness and fragility will still seem a shock after handling two robust toddlers.

We are less worried the third time, we have made mistakes, learnt lessons and picked up so much advice along our journey into parenthood that I hope the third baby will slot into our life easily, surrounded by big brothers, family and friends who are excited to celebrate his individuality and make his entrance into the world the big thing it is.  The third baby will be just as loved as the first two and we can't wait to meet our little Pretzel very soon.

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  1. I definitely found the difference between how number one and number two were welcomed into the world really really different for us. We were inundated the first time around, and as lovely as it was I think I was actually happier the second time when people gave us more space and weren't so enthusiastic. I felt a little sad for BG, because like you say, he arrival was just as exciting for us, just seemingly not so much for everyone else. It is going to be so exciting for you all when Pretzel arrives, and while he may not get the big fanfair reception from the whole world like Dylan did, he'll be very loved and very welcomed by the people who really matter. x

  2. I definitely noticed the difference between one and two, we weren't inundated the second time and I think being a second boy made it less exciting for family! I'd love a third, but still need to convince DH. I'm sure Pretzel wont mind a little less of the fanfare, less people visiting means more time with his parent's and brother's. A lot more bonding time. X

  3. Well I can't wait to hear all about Pretzel! I am sure he will be loved just as much by all the people that matter the most! I do agree it is different with the second and third even more so. Look at that gorgeous bump. x

  4. By virtue of being the third, he'll have the most love, because you are are all there to love him. He might not get as many presents, or the huge welcome that Number One does, but he'll be just as special. Good luck!

  5. I was very interested to read your experience of a second child coming into your family as I only have one so far so have no point of reference at all. Indeed, like Katie says, Pretzel will be just as loved and get lots of cuddles from those that matter most. What stunning photos too- you look fantastic! x


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