Sunday 15 February 2015

37 Weeks Pregnant

I have made it to full term, which means in the next 5 weeks my little Pretzel will no longer be in my tummy, but in my arms.  It seems crazy to think how fast 37 weeks have flown and I still can't get my head around the fact he could arrive any day now.

I am mostly still quite comfortable with this pregnancy, although I am getting a lot of Braxton hicks, they really aren't painful.  At my 37 week check up, the baby was head down but not engaged at all, which is probably how I am managing to avoid the familiar waddle at the moment.  The midwife wasn't bothered as their heads can pop in and out quite frequently by the third baby.  All was looking well and I am not measuring too many weeks ahead so they aren't worried about his size (although they did confirm that he feels big still).

Mostly I am still as mobile as ever, but I do find that once the kids are in bed and I find my little nest on the sofa, it isn't as easy to get up again, and my hips seem to lock until I have taken a few steps.  I mostly avoid this by getting the bloke to bring me things and staying put until bedtime!  I have started sitting on the birthing ball in the evenings sometimes, but as our days are pretty busy, I am usually ready for the comfort of a blanket and some cushions when the boys are in bed rather than rocking or bouncing away.

The tiredness is definitely back, and I am napping most days.  I am also quite aware that my time for sleeping through the night is nearly up so I am enjoying all the sleep I can get.  I still don't need to get up in the night and am quite comfortable with my hoard of pillows surrounding me.  I am finding myself getting stressed more easily, but thanks to the bloke being home a little earlier the past 2 weeks, I am making the most of 30 minutes to relax between a busy day and a busy bedtime with the boys - it definitely makes a difference!

I still don't feel ready for the little guy's arrival and my lack of nesting or anything remotely similar makes me think he is staying put for the foreseeable future.  I have come no further since my last update - the room still needs to be sorted, the crib still needs to be built and I want to take some proper bump pictures too, something more exciting than the black vest and leggings every fortnight for here.  Hopefully I manage to get everthing done before he arrives, but if not then we have nappies, I have boobs and I have a sofa to snuggle on whilst the bloke builds his bed - we can get by.

One of my friends had her baby last week and I have been talking to Dylan more about the fact his friend has a new baby sister and all about babies.  He is really excited to meet his little brother now, although Archie mostly still seems clueless.  He insists the baby is in his tummy rather than mine and is slightly fascinated with my belly button.  He is getting more clingy though, which I think may be because he knows something is changing.  It mostly means I get non stop cuddles, so it could be worse.

I still don't have any new stretch marks from this pregnancy, and when I look back at pictures, I think this is definitely my smallest bump.  I am waiting to see if that is an indication of baby size now! I feel like I am starting to put more weight on all over now and I weighed myself for the first time since my booking appointment, just out of curiosity.  I have gained 13kg which isn't too much over the average (although I do still have a few weeks to go).  

I have had no signs that this little one is getting ready to arrive, and I am not at the point where I am trying to get him out yet.  I am sure it won't be long until I start going for long walks and ordering curry, but for now we are both comfortable and I am confident he will come when he is ready.  I have finished the videos on my hypnobirthing course, and I am feeling really positive about what is about to happen.  I am keeping up the birthing practice and affirmations and looking forward to when Pretzel is ready to meet the world.


  1. Eeeek 37 weeks!! Any day now! I am so super excited for your birth announcement, just a few short weeks and you'll be a Mum of three!! x

  2. Ahhh I can't believe how close you are now! I'm so excited! Xx

  3. I can't believe you are 37 weeks already - could be any time now! You still look fantastic and have a wonderful bump/toddler seat lol.

  4. ooh look at you so cute and neat. It's very exciting. Take care and try to take it easy when you can lovely x

  5. Aww you have a lovely bump and it really is any day (or week) now! I think I was quite relaxed with Pip until 40 weeks and then I decided I really wanted to meet him - little imp kept me waiting another week but it was worth it :)

  6. Not long to go now then and you still look amazing! I'm glad you aren't completely organised yet, it makes me feel better about not having everything ready for baby's arrival! Carry on enjoying your sleep whilst it lasts, I know I am!


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