Monday 5 March 2012

Day 27- Funday Monday

The children's play area is a staple of winter entertainment.  I defy a parent not to give in to the lure of warmth, tea and the children entertaining themselves for a couple of hours.  Dylan may not be able to entertain himself, but I did have plenty of offers from lovely 4 and 5 year old children who could 'babysit' for me.  (politely declined)

ball pit, baby in ball pit
ball pit fun

The ball pit was an immediate hit, and a lovely young girl decided to try and bury him.
 I turned down her offer to carry him around and look after him but let her pull funny faces and chat to him.  Dylan was transfixed by the bright colourful furniture and the loud and playful tones.

soft play, ball bit, baby in ball pit, eating ball
Of course, a taste test was necessary

 When I was younger we blew off steam at the park or in the garden, but today's youth (now I sound old) have all sorts of choices.  As a generation they are over stimulated and surrounded by options which is not always a good thing.  It mirrors our disposable incomes as children's toys get more expensive, and we pay for the opportunity of an inside park rather than face the elements outside.

I am a firm believer in fresh air for wearing out children, the park, the garden, riding bikes down the street.  I am not saying I will never use a soft play area, they definitely have their appeal, but as a winter treat, rather than for a weekly visit.  Come rain or shine expect to find toddler Dylan out and about - with his daddy.

Are indoor play areas a treat or a staple for your children?


  1. Definately a treat especially once they get to 1yr old and you have to start paying for it!!

    1. They are expensive aren't they! Luckily Dylan is still young enough to 'play' for free


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