The Adventure of Parenthood

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Copenhagen as a Child Friendly City

Copenhagen is a wonderful city and it is perfectly designed for exploring with kids.   From parks, to attractions to the attitude of the locals, we had an amazing experience, even with three little ones in tow.

Denmark is child friendly, and I saw far more children around than you would in London at this time of year.  Everywhere we went was pushchair friendly, and there were always lifts or ramps making it accessible.  As their schools start much later than ours a child is generally considered to be over the age of six, meaning our three were free to enter all the attractions we visited.

Staying outside the city centre had some definite advantages for travelling with young children, one of them being there was a beach only a short walk from our house.  Whilst we didn't spend much time there, and it wasn't really the weather for sandcastles and swimming, it was lovely to balance out a bustling city with a peaceful seafront.  The boys had the freedom to run and explore and it was the ideal place to go after a couple of hours cooped up on a plane.  

At the tourist office, you can purchase a Copenhagen card, which is valid for a period of time (24,48 or 72 hours) and gives you unlimited free travel and entry into a number of the city's main attractions.  There is a handy calculator on the website that helps you work out whether it is worth it, and we found it definitely was as it covered most of the places we wanted to visit and we could use whichever transport we chose (it even includes transport to and from the airport)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

7 Months

Unlike his big brothers, at seven month old Finn is still very much a little baby.   They both seemed so much bigger at this same age and Finn, whether because he is physically smaller or because he is the last, seems so little still.

He is doing so well, he is sitting unaided and whilst he still leans forward, he is straightening up and gaining strength.   He has finally learned to roll from his back to his front, although I still haven't actually witnessed it.  He isn't interested in rolling around the room, but often isn't facing the same way I left him.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

From Babies With Love

I love finding great things for my boys to wear and I recently discovered a brand that sells wonderful babywear as well as being non profit.

From Babies With Love supports orphaned and abandoned babies in SOS children's villages.  Whether they arrived there because of famine, war, disease or poverty, the profits from the sale of these clothes helps care for these children and give them a better life.  I am so excited to be working with them and sharing their wonderful work.

Finn was invited up to London to help model some of their new range, full of adorable characters like this frog.  We managed to get in there just before the chicken pox came out thankfully, and he seemed to love it ( I guess he is pretty used to having a camera in his face now! ).  

Their new collection is now live on the site and makes a perfect new baby gift.  The classic white is completely unisex and the little animals give it personality.  These organic baby clothes are also soft even on sensitive skin and you can buy matching blankets and hats too!  

Monday, 5 October 2015

We Love Rain - Natural Retreats

I love showing my children the world.  There are so many beautiful sights, so many amazing experiences to be had and you don't always have to travel far.  They delight in exploring the local park as much as they do a foreign country, but we are always looking for adventure.

Our stay at Natural Retreats, Trewhiddle was the perfect base for experiencing Cornwall and our villa was simply stunning.  With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two balconies and enough social space for a family much bigger than mine, it gave us freedom, comfort and beauty.  

natural retreats, cornwall, family time, father and son

natural retreats, trewhiddle

Thursday, 1 October 2015

What the Boys Wore - Powell Craft

With Autumn arriving and the school run becoming part of our everyday life, Finn needs comfortable practical clothes to wear and this romper from Powell Craft is just perfect for it.  It is warmer than a sleepsuit, and has a sweet little hood meaning with a vest underneath it is perfect for this inbetweeny weather.  The blue and white stripes look classic and the pirate ship motif makes it fun and adds some colour.  

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me and Mine September

September has been such a busy month, with a long weekend down in Cornwall, a week away in Denmark and Dylan starting school!  Despite the fact we have done so much, it seems to have disappeared pretty fast and whilst October is a little quieter, there is still plenty going on as we adjust to full time school.

These photos were taken right at the very beginning of the month, and whilst I intended to take some more nearer the end, September has just been so busy that it hasn't quite happened.  We were in Cardinham woods at Badger Forest school, the boys were in their element with all the mud and water to splash in, the bloke was warm and snuggly with a small person attached to his front and I loved watching my little family so happy.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

From Carrycot to Pushchair

It feels like such a big move, I blame it on last baby syndrome, but I have been putting off moving Finn from the carrycot to the seat unit on his pushchair.  

I am planning on using both over the next month or so, as he is still happy in his carrycot.  He loves lying there playing with his feet, and he still has 2 or 3 naps a day, so is most comfortable lying down.  At 7 months he is more aware of the world though, more able to hold his head up and he can sit unaided.  He likes to watch, especially when it means a better view of his brothers.  

As a non driver, I tend to use a parent facing pushchair as it has so many benefits for both parent and child, and all three of mine prefer it to being world facing.  As Finn is still so little, I feel that having a nice buggy liner helps keep him cosy and protected in his new environment.  I have shared before how much I love our Betty Bramble footmuff, and their liners are just as stunning.

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