The Adventure of Parenthood

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Me and Mine January

This is our second year joining in with the Me and Mine project and looking back at last year, watching our baby become a toddler and our toddler a little boy, I can't wait to document the further changes as our four becomes a five.  I am not due until March and I have a feeling our little guy is pretty comfy where he is, but I become full term during February, so January is the last month I can definitely say we are a family of four.

January has flown by, with the post-Christmas haze, Archie starting nursery one day a week and me growing at quite a considerable rate.  Our weekends have been mostly lazy and we have found ourselves back in a rhythm, but the cold weather has not kept us at home.  We have had quite a mild winter so far, and we are yet to see snow, so we headed out to the park with a friend earlier in the month to capture our family exactly as we are now - funny faces and all.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The iCandy Raspberry

iCandy raspberry review, icandy Raspberry, icandy black and yellow

I first saw the iCandy Raspberry at the Babyshow nearly a year ago and fell in love.  It offered the features I loved about strollers, but with the style and options you associate with a travel system.  It comes in such a variety of colours that when I was offered one to review I struggled, but the black chassis and yellow colour pack was perfect for our bright family.

We have been testing this pushchair now for a few months, and on the whole, I love it.  It looks stunning in my opinion, the black chassis is strong and doesn't scratch and the icandy logo is etched in so that it can't rub off as it does on some pushchairs.  The yellow is bright and cheers up even the coldest of days and despite plenty of use, it still looks immaculate.  

The Hive Heating

Living in a rented house, we have been stuck with a boiler we have little control over.  Whilst we can turn the heating on and off, and even set it on a timer, we couldn't control the temperature, or set it to come on just when it was cold, meaning we were often sat either huddled under blankets wondering why it was so cold, or getting over hot as we hadn't remembered to turn it off.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Archie at Nearly Two

There is just one month left before Archie turns 2, and I see more than ever how desperate he is to be big.  I think it is a symptom of being a second child, having someone more able to follow around and learn from, but Archie is just desperate to do everything his big brother does.

The pair of them are as thick as thieves, and they have a bond I never even imagined when I was pregnant.  They talk in their own language, plot to do things (mostly reach the fruit bowl) and talk and sing to each other as they fall asleep.  They are equals in play, but not in everything.  Dylan is bigger, can reach higher, can talk clearer and can demand easier.  Archie loves having time alone with me when Dylan is at nursery, but asks for his brother often and definitely misses his playmate.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

33 Weeks Pregnant

I am now 33 weeks pregnant, which means only 7 weeks until I am due and a maximum of 9 weeks until this little guy arrives!  We are nowhere near ready, but are finally starting to get organised.  I am finding the nesting instinct comes and goes (ok so it mostly goes), but I have periods of productivity interspersed with lots of lazy and hopefully we will be ready by March.

One thing I really wanted to try this pregnancy was a co-sleeper crib and our Snuzpod arrived this week.  I haven't set it up yet, but we have somewhere for the baby to sleep now which is the important thing! I have also started learning about Hypnobirthing thanks to the CalmBirth School - something I have been meaning to look into since I found out we are pregnant.  I am feeling really positive about labour and I am enjoying the course and learning more about my body.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

icandy Emilia Changing Bag

The icandy Emilia changing bag is from their gorgeous new range of changing bags.  They have been making luxury pushchairs for years, but their first foray into the world of bags is a total success.  We were sent the Emilia in white to try and I love it.

icandy changing bag, icandy emilia, luxury white changing bag, luxury changing bag

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Noa and Nani Cabin Bed Giveaway

Dylan loves his new bed, everything from the ladder to get in to the tent underneath and the boys have so much more space in their room with the little den underneath.  The pirate cabin bed is only £149.99 including the tent and I think this is a great price for a full sized single bed that offers this much fun. (For more pictures of his new pirate room check out this post)

It didn't take us long to build thanks to easy instructions and well manufactured wood and the bed is solid and stable.  The slanted ladder makes it easier for younger children and the bed is at a great height, that I can still kiss Dylan's head as he sleeps. 

noa and nani, mid-sleeper bed, cabin bed, giveaway

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