The Adventure of Parenthood

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Vegan Kid's Christmas Party

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Every Monday since the beginning of May, I have had two extra boys for the day.  It has been exciting and exhausting in equal measures, there are days I think four is easier than two as they tend to pair up, and days I need a megaphone and a whistle.  Hitting the third trimester in this pregnancy means things are coming to an end though, and yesterday was my last Monday with the four boys.

To celebrate, I decided we would have a little Christmas party in the afternoon, but with two being vegan, I had to be a bit more creative in what I bought, so I went to the big Tesco nearby as they have quite an extensive free from section.  The boys (as of this weekend) are 1,2,3 and 4 so I thought a little indoor picnic would be perfect, sat on a blanket by the Christmas tree, with a festive film and some stickers for after.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Funny Little Boy - December

My posts about the funny things Dylan says are rather sporadic, but I realised my draft post was growing rather long, so it was probably about time to share!  As he has grown, there are fewer if any mispronunications, but far more interesting questions and I would love to be inside his mind just for a day to see how it works.

This collection of funnies is from aged 3 to 3 and a quarter

After trying his first fizzy drink - 'That was a bit prickly!'

Me: What do you think you will be when you are grown up?
Dylan: Four!

Dylan: Mummy, where is that cat's thumb?
Me: I don't think cats really have thumbs Dylan
Dylan:  (In a very serious tone) How does it sleep then?

Preparing the Nursery

Last weekend, we moved Dylan and Archie into the same room (which so far has been a success), meaning we have a nice empty room waiting for Pretzel's arrival next year.  With Archie still being small, his cot and furniture has moved with him, meaning the room is literally empty (or will be once we stop storing 'stuff' in there, and we have a nursery to prepare.

We know that bump will be a boy but with him being our third, I am actively avoiding baby blue as far as possible.  We have chosen a relatively neutral theme, of grey, white and yellow and once Christmas is out the way, I can't wait to get decorating! I want the nursery to be simple and relaxing, but bright at the same time.  I need everything to be practical and I have learnt after two others what to prioritise.  Marks and Spencers have a new baby section on their website with some great nursery inspiration - This fabric giraffe would go perfectly in Pretzel's new room.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Cosatto Hootle Review

We love bright when it comes to things for the boys, and that is why I have always been drawn towards Cosatto.  Their baby products have so much personality and so do my boys so they seem a perfect match.  We were recently sent the new Hootle car seat for Archie to try out, a group 0+/1 option that is suitable from newborn all the way through until 18kg (approximately 4 years).

Archie is currently borderline for rear/forward facing, but realistically he was too big to rear face as he is quite tall, so we used the seat with him facing forwards.  Cosatto say this seat can rear face until 13kg, but baby can be turned at any point from 9kg should you wish.  This would have been great for Dylan who reached 9kg long before he was ready to turn, and I wish we had been more aware of the options back then.  

Monday, 8 December 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks means I had arrived at the third and final trimester far quicker than I thought! There seems to be some debate as to whether it begins at 27 or 28 weeks, but as my babies were born at 38 and 39 weeks, I think 27 marks two thirds of this journey done.

Whilst I am loving the extra kicks, the bigger bump and finally being allowed those extra calories, I am so conscious that I only have a few weeks left to enjoy this pregnancy and as it is most likely our last,  this makes me a bit sad. It feels ironic that the more I want time to slow down, the faster it seems to go, I think having small children already just leaves little time to sit and enjoy.

27 weeks bump shot, 27 weeks pregnant, 27 weeks, third baby, big baby bump
Excuse the blur and shadows, I got the bloke to take the pic. . . 

When I think back to my first pregnancy, I felt like I had really bonded with the baby, I felt so aware of his patterns, his position and I would lay down just feeling him move and talking to him.  This time I am nowhere close, and whilst I love this baby with all my heart already, I don't feel like we have had the chance to bond in the same way.  I know that once he is born, none of this will matter, but it still makes me a little sad.

It feels like only now at 27 weeks I would feel confident saying I feel this baby moving enough to know if there is a disruption to his patterns, and I still spend much of my day too busy to notice.  In the evenings I see my tummy moving into all sorts of funny positions and I think that baby is head down already.  I had a midwife appointment this week, who has plotted my baby above the 95th centile, but as the other boys were large, they aren't concerned.  I was quite convinced I was measuring big again but I think that is just how I carry babies.

I am not feeling quite as tired this week, although I think the reprieve will be short as it is around this time that energy levels start to plummet again! I have been craving cheese though, and have demolished plenty of mozzarella balls straight from the fridge, baking camembert and cheese on crackers.  I am using the 'growing bones' excuse at the moment, but I know that snacking on a block of cheddar probably isn't the best idea to do so regularly.  

I have been hanging on to a few non-maternity items, but walking around town the buttons popping open on what was a very loose shirt has meant my wardrobe is cut down even further.  Thankfully, the bloke's clothes are starting to fit, and his Christmas jumper is perfect to wear over my bump!

If you have written any pregnancy related posts then make sure to link them up to BlogBumpClub!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Warburton's Sandwiches

The highlight of Dylan's week seems to be the two days he has lunch at Preschool.  He gets so excited taking in his lunchbox, not knowing what he will find in there.  Everyday is different, although that is mostly down to what we happen to have in the cupboards - everyday it comes home completely empty though, so I know he approves.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Moving House

Twice now, I have moved house whilst pregnant.  Neither time was avoidable, but both were utterly exhausting, and I ignored the warning signs from my body telling me that I was over doing it.

The bloke and I found ourselves pregnant so early on in a new relationship, but we knew we wanted to become a family, and so set about finding somewhere to live.  I was back with my parents at the time, and he was renting a furnished room in a house, so not only was it a big step for us, it was an expensive one too! We knew we had a baby on the way, but we had no real idea at this stage what a baby would entail.  We guessed at things, opting for somewhere with a bath rather than a shower for washing him, and making sure the master bedroom could comfortably fit a cot in for the first few months. Ultimately time wasn't on our side, but we found a place to make our own and moved in shortly after.

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