Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Carpet Creations

Have you seen those sweet nap time pictures before?  The ones where the parent has created a fantasy land around a sleeping baby, a human art attack almost?  Well Carpetright have challenged me to make my own and armed with a snoozy baby and some random props I have built five scenes around my sleeping baby.  Well four really as in one she is quite clearly awake - this is a baby who hates to sleep on her back and so her little eyes popped open as soon as I put her down that time.

Flying a kite made of muslins on 'mist' carpet
A snoozing bunny on 'peak district green artificial grass'

my little fairy flying high on 'lilac'
floating around on 'Lolita mosaic'
A caterpillar's picnic on 'highland design'

Carpetright are running a fantastic competition to win up to £1000 of vouchers so if you are feeling inspired by our creations then why not try your own?  Check out the Carpetright website  for more information.

You can share your own Carpet Creation, by either tweeting their picture to the @Carpetright Twitter handle, using the hash tag #carpetcreations, or alternatively visit the Carpetright Facebook page and upload your photo to our dedicated competition

What scene would you create? 
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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What the Kids Wore - Baby Mori

I cannot resist a bit of matching for the youngest two, especially if I can put a girly spin on Cora's outfit and make Finn's practical for a toddler.  We were sent two items from Baby Mori and they are without a doubt the softest clothing I have ever felt.  Finn adores his sister and seemed to find her extra cuddly in her BabyMori vest.

Cora was sent a long sleeved poppered vest and Finn a long sleeved t-shirt, both in the same yellow and white stripes.  The natural bamboo fibres help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice for clothing. 

These tops are perfect for wearing on their own or for layering this winter.  Finn wore his with some leggings and Cora paired hers with a cotton pinafore dress and tights.  

If you want to order some super soft clothes of your own then follow this link to receive £10 off your first £30 shop.  As well as these items Baby Mori make leggings, yoga pants, cardigans, muslins and sleeping bags and they are all perfect for sensitive skin.  

I really love the simplicity and most of all the softness of these beautiful items (and did I mention how soft they are?).  

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Merci Maman Giveaway

We know Merci Maman for their beautifully engraved jewellery, but they have recently expanded their range and offer a home range full of gorgeous embroidered baby gifts.  We were sent a personalised gift box for Cora  and it arrived equisitely packaged in a white box and wrapped in tissue paper.

The gift set contains a hooded towel, two muslins and a comforter, each personalised with her name.  This is a perfect gift for a baby with a more unusual name and definitely something to be saved in the baby box.  

The girl's box has both a pink and white muslin and a choice of two comforters.  The muslins are pretty big (75 x 75) and the comforter is the perfect size for little arms to cuddle.

Merci Maman offer free delivery with a choice to upgrade it to next day delivery if you need it sooner. 

The towel is 100% cotton and feels lovely and soft. It is ideal for baby bathtime and Cora looks so snuggly in hers.

Not only was I sent one to review, I also have an embroidered gift box just like this one to giveaway.  The winner can pick either the pink or blue set and personalise it with the name of your choice.  Entry is simple via the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What the Baby Wore - Bambini and Me

When I was pregnant with Cora I refused to buy anything pink.  I was determined that she would wear bright unisex colours, that we wouldn't succumb to the pastel pinks that little girls everywhere are wearing.  Since she has arrived I have found myself more and more tempted by the 'girly' stuff though, and when Bambini and Me asked me which of their prints I preferred, I went for blossom.

As soon as I put it on Cora I fell in love.  The colour looks so beautiful on her that I think I may have to allow a little more pink in her wardrobe.  What I really love is that this vest is made from super soft bamboo - the kind that can grow anywhere, that doesn't use any pesticides to grow, that is biodegradable and ethically sourced.  

Bamboo is so breathable that it keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter, isn't irritable to people suffering from eczema and feels like silk on their skin.  Cora looked so happy in her vest (and totally adorable too).

As well as vests and rompers, Bambini and Me sell huge muslin swaddle blankets and although we don't swaddle I find them great as light weight blankets, and to put down on the floor or bed for play time.  Being bamboo the swaddles are breathable too so the perfect summer blanket for a baby.
I am already a lover of bamboo clothing, but I think I may be a bit of a pink convert now too!  This vest is currently £15 and the muslin swaddle is also £15.  They both come in a variety of prints and are available from the Bambini and Me website 

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Monday, 19 September 2016

What Mama Wore - Radley Bag

My pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit, my hair usually needs a wash, I often have a wet patch on my left shoulder that Cora just loves to lick and every morning when I dress myself I have to think about how practical my outfit is for breastfeeding in.  My wardrobe needs updating desperately but I keep putting it off with a 'I will start eating healthier / doing more exersize' and fit back into the jeans that tease me every morning when I open the doors.  When Radley offered me a new handbag, the obvious answer was yes!

Every Mama needs their own bag, something a bit more grown up than a baby bag, something without crumbled up rice cakes and empty nappy bags in the bottom.  We all deserve something that makes us feel good and this bag is it for me. 

Baby bits are banned, no wipes, no dummies, no toy cars and lego bricks.  This bag is for me and when the day comes where I can leave the house without a baby attached, this will be the bag that accompanies me and reminds me of all the things I am as well as a Mama.

For now it is kept high up so that no Playmobil people or plastic keys mysteriously find their way in.  It is kept baby free even when I want to quickly throw a nappy in there rather than open up the changing bag and it is looked after, kept special in anticipation of the day I leave Cora at home and venture out without her.

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Weekend

Now that two of my four are not around for a large part of the week, it makes the weekends feel even more precious.  Unfortunately the busy week means they also need most of the weekend to recover so we are torn between wanting to go out and do fun things together and their need for quiet time at home.  We mostly try and find the balance with one quieter day and one family day out.  

The rain has returned after a wonderfully dry summer but we picked the right day to go out this weekend as the grey skies that covered us as we left the house turned blue as the day went on and the jumpers I had hastily thrown in a bag were not needed.  We had the wonders of a rail replacement service in the morning that turned a normal 17 minute journey into an hour stuck in traffic on a coach but it was worth it to watch 4,000 rubber ducks swimming in the river.

There was a charity event on, the Canterbury Duck Race which saw people sponsoring a duck to win a race down the river.  It isn't a sight you get to see often (once a year if you live locally) and the real ducks moved out of the way to let their yellow counterparts through.  Sadly we got there too late to sponsor a duck as they had sold out but we got to watch sacks of ducks being unloaded over the bridge into the water.  

It happened that the start of the race was right next to our favourite park so we didn't watch the whole race as the slide was beckoning.  The big two really miss each other in the week and I gave up following them around after a while as they didn't even notice I was there, they were so absorbed in their play.  Finn loves the attention, so I entertained myself with him instead whilst Cora slept in the sling.  

We stopped for a picnic and then fed our leftovers to the real ducks before exploring the rest of the park.  My sister had come out for the day with us (the bloke was working) and four children is so much easier with an extra pair of hands! I could sit and feed Cora knowing that someone else was making sure Finn didn't dive into the river (he looked very tempted!) 

I took a few pictures whilst we were out

Finn's leggings and hat are from Ted Wears Organic

Cora's sleepsuit is from Nod London

Archie's t-shirt is from Lindex and his joggers are from Well Grounded

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Baby Bundle Baby Rocker

At eleven weeks, Cora is starting to leave the fourth trimester.  She has always been a baby that wants to be held, she loves to be close and she definitely knows who her mama is.  She has spent lots of time in the sling around the house as that is where she is most content and I have loved this transition phase and watching her become more confident being put down.

She now spends periods of her day 'playing' or at least kicking her legs around and stretching out away from me and we have been using her Bababing baby rocker from Baby Bundle lots.  

This rocker is simple and perfect for little babies.  The seat is small and cosy so they feel secure and the more muted colours provide stimulation without it being too much.  Cora is content and happy in there and she is starting to reach out for the toys now.  The rocker comes with two toys, but her youngest big brother is rather fond of pinching one as they are attached with velcro and easy to pull off.

One of my favourite features of this rocker is just how portable it is.  It folds down really easily and is easy to transport and it is incredibly light.  These photos were taken at the beach hut last weekend as it was ideal to pop in the car and to give Cora somewhere safe to play whilst we were out.  

I don't think this rocker will last past about 4 months for my long baby (she is currently 2.5 months), and the velcro shoulder straps are almost too small now, but I will continue to use it just with the waist straps which have plenty of growing room and are handily hidden until the grey fabric.  

I do think this is a great rocker, I love that there are two height positions, how portable it is and easy to store (especially with a one year old who will climb on anything he can reach) and the colours are lovely.  

Disclosure : I was sent this rocker for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 

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