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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Me and Mine - September

This month has been much quieter than the last, but we have just got home from a wonderful week in Rome, and so we had to get a family snap whilst we were there.  Unfortunately due to being a bit disorganised, we didn't manage to get one until the very last day, and we had to rely on an American tourist and my phone, as I had forgotten to take my camera charger away with me! Obviously we aren't all looking and/or smiling, but Archie isn't one for conforming anyway.

Mummy is loving feeling pretzel moving, exploring a new country, having one on one time with Archie and cheesy mash.

Daddy is loving the way Archie says Daddeeeee, spending a whole week with the boys on holiday, his new umbrella and the fact our caravan had a coffee machine.

Dylan is loving eating ice cream every day on holiday, going to preschool (especially if he gets to eat lunch there), the Explora museum in Rome and his new shoes.

Archie is loving bossing people around, babies, splashing in the giant pool on holiday and chasing pigeons (whilst quacking at them).

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Kudu 4 Review

The Kudu 4 is an award winning pushchair from Casualplay, and we have been testing it out over the past few weeks.  Suitable from birth, parent or world facing and with a compact fold, this is a lightweight stroller, suitable from birth to three years and comes in three different coloured fabrics with this black frame.

A September Summer Holiday - The Beach Day

In case you haven't noticed it has been a bit quiet over here lately, whilst we have been enjoying a family holiday.  The bloke, the boys and I flew to Italy, and landed at Rome airport for a week staying at a Canvas Holidays caravan.  There will be plenty more on that this week, but my first post is more photos than words (after all, we have only just arrived back in the UK and my 3am alarm clock means today has been spent feeling tired and working my way through a mountain of washing).

Our holiday was a bit of everything - Caravan park fun, city break and time on a beautiful beach.  This post is about our day at the beach.  A twenty minute bus ride from the site, on a scorching hot day and we found our own spot of paradise.  The sand was much darker than in the UK, the shores emptier and the sun stronger.  We rented sunbeds and an umbrella, and the boys had buckets and spades.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Day out at Dover Castle

We love a family day out, and with Dover Castle so close, it was definitely time that we took the boys for the first time.  We managed to choose a beautifully warm day, and so headed to Tesco first to buy a picnic feast for 6 and to grab some petrol.

The boys love to explore, and there is nowhere better than a castle and its grounds.  From the moment we let them out the car they were off, Dylan in search of Mike the Knight and Archie looking for stones.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

15 Weeks Pregnant

15 weeks pregnant, bump diary, 15 weeks with third baby

After the twelve week marker taking so long to come around, the days and weeks seem to be flying by now, at just the point I want them to slow down.  15 weeks has brought with it few changes from my last update, other than some substantial growth. (These photos are all taken first thing in the morning before breakfast so as to be more accurate but by the end of the day I look huge!)

After a misleading few days of energy, I am feeling exhausted again, which I am not sure if it is down to pregnancy or the hectic life that is being a parent to a one and three year old.  A mixture of the two I suspect.  By the time the littlies are tucked up in bed, I am not up to much more than collapsing on the sofa, and there are days I am still desperate for a snooze by lunchtime.  I have started having more headaches, but I know that a good night's sleep is all it needs to go away.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Trunki Paddlepak Review and Giveaway

Every morning at the moment, Dylan wakes up and repacks his Trunki suitcase, in preperation for a holiday that is still over a week away.  He loves the responsibility of knowing it is his, and that he chooses what comes with us.  We were recently sent a paddlepak, the water resistant bag from Trunki, that is perfect not just for swimming, but for little adventures too.

Trunki paddlepak, lobster paddlpak

Dylan loves deciding what to bring with him - usually something completely unpractical of course, and our Pinch the lobster Paddlepak came perfectly packed with some Ella's Kitchen goodies inside.  We had a lovely family day out, and as well as carrying round his snacks and spare clothes, there was also space for those essentials, like a new cup and a pressed penny.

The Paddlepak is a fantastic bag, available in a variety of fishy designs.  The top is rolled down three times and secured with a buckle, making it airtight.  It is great as a swim bag, and is perfectly sized for a kid's towel, swim suit and of course the all important after swimming snack.  The tale holds a secret zipped pocket perfect for pocket money too.  On its own the bag is incredibly lightweight.

Trunki are giving me one of their paddlepaks to give away, just enter via the rafflecopter form below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Starting Preschool

At three years, one month and six days, my biggest little one started preschool.  For the final year before he starts full time education at school, he will be doing his free 15 hours at a local preschool and to say he is ready is a bit of an understatement.

Dylan has been desperate to go to nursery, he wants to be around other children, be challenged in different ways and get that independence which is only really possible without me there.  I was nervous and excited for him.  I stayed up packing him a nutritious lunch last night, putting in his favourite things - nothing fancy, just food I know he loves.  I got his backpack ready and laid out his clothes and I prepared for seven hours without him.

I barely got a goodbye as he went in, and he couldn't leave until he had finished his game and said goodbye to his friends.  I know we made the right decision when he is so comfortable there from the very beginning.

first day of preschool, three years old, preschool pictures

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