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Monday, 6 July 2015

Sleeping Like a Baby - Even in Summer

I have been really lucky *touch wood* with all three of my boys, they are sleepers.  None were sleeping through at an amazingly early age, but they all like their sleep, and my nearly four year old still naps several days a week.  

The recent hot weather has made sleeping difficult for us all, so I thought I would offer some top tips for helping get a good night's sleep, whether you are three months, three years or three decades.

*Dressing for the weather is a great start - Dylan is still insisting on wearing long sleeves and trousers most nights, but he is then covered in sweat within minutes.  We try and dress the bigger two in shorts and a vest for bed, and Finn is in just a nappy and a short sleeved vest at the moment.  We check on them before we go to sleep and can put on a light blanket if the temperature has dropped.

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The Snuzpod Downstairs

It may be that Finn is my last, or that I am a bit of a clingy mum but we haven't started putting him upstairs to bed yet.  He is ready for bed with his brothers at half seven, a routine he put himself into, but whilst the bloke takes the big two upstairs for stories, clean teeth and bed time cuddles, Finn and I have milk and snuggle on the sofa.

I am an absolute co-sleeper convert, and I love the fact we can use our Snuzpod as a moses basket downstairs.  I bring it down in the evening, adding on the extra side, and it sits on our coffee table.  We have a huge coffee table so it sits comfortably on there but I always make sure one of us is in the room with Finn just in case. (I wouldn't worry if he was on the floor).  I love that I can watch him sleeping, as the side that zips on is a transparent mesh and Finn doesn't seem bothered at all by the noise of a typical evening in our house.  As a moses basket it can be rocked too, as the bottom is curved which makes it ideal for any close calls.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Adventures in Whitstable

There is so much I love about the summer - waking up to the sun already in the sky, washing drying on the line, summer dresses, iced coffee, dipping my toes in the sea, children in the paddling pool, cider in a pub garden, and of course how easy it is to explore.  

You don't need to load up the buggy with raincovers and coats, you don't have to worry about it getting dark and al fresco eating is ideal with a toddler (or two) around.  Last weekend we hopped on the train to Whitstable, which is only about 20 minutes from us, for a change, and the sun was shining for us all day.

We have a sandy beach on our doorstop, and our buckets and spades are hung up ready to go at a moment's notice, but the pebbly beach in Whitstable needs none of this.  It is amazing how long two boys can be entertained just with water and stones.  They made piles, they had a tea party with them, they practiced skimming and they searched high and low for their favourite ones.

We wandered along the promenade first, looking at the stalls selling their homemade wares, and kids toys, and then found the fish market.  Lunch had to be fish and chips, but we went for freshly caught prawns and crayfish as they are the boys' favourite.  

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Friday, 3 July 2015

My Pampered Baby

Finn was born a blogger's child, and that comes with responsibilities.  He didn't seem to mind too much having to visit a baby spa though, in fact he seemed completely in his element.

Picture fresh white walls, a feeling of calm as soon as you step through the door, relaxing music and a warm welcome from Laura Sevenus, the owner and an infant swimming expert.  The Baby Spa is the kind of place you can picture celebrities and is located in an exclusive Kensington postcode.  

Finn seemed to feel at home as soon as we arrived, and he certainly took well to life as a pampered baby.  Having three under fours, I am not allowed to take the boys swimming on my own, so this was Finn's first time in water other than the bath, and the Bubby was unlike anything I have seen before.  A patented floatation device that looks like a donut around their neck, it allows babies to float and stretch out whilst remaining safe.  I have a baby with a very ticklish neck, so putting it on wasn't so easy, but I could see his body relax as soon as he slid into the water, and he floated around looked relaxed and content.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

What the Boys Wore - Zeek

I was recently introduced to a fantastic app that lets you buy and sell gift vouchers,  and it immediately appealed to the bargain hunting part of me.  You can sell unwanted gift cards for cash that you can use on something you really want, and you can buy giftcards at discounted prices, so saving money on clothes, food or whatever you buy - if this isn't an excuse to go shopping, I don't know what is!

Zeek gave me some credit for their app, and with the boys needing some updates on their summer wardrobe, I chose a mixture of Next and Mothercare vouchers.  For £35 I got £38 of Next vouchers and for £20 I got £25 of Mothercare vouchers.  These prices included recorded postage so for £55 I got £63 worth of vouchers.  I bought the boys each two T-shirts and a pair of shorts from Next, and I got Finn two summer outfits from the Little Bird range at Mothercare.  As I was intending on buying these clothes anyway, I made real savings, and I am going to be buying supermarket vouchers from there regularly, as it will save me money every week - Tesco and Sainsbury come up very often.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Life with 3 - Month 4

We have completely given up on being anywhere on time this month, but we are embracing the freedom too as we head into the final few weeks of nursery where it is allowed.  My mum told me that the reason she had a third baby so close to the first two was so that she didn't have to do the school run with a newborn, and I have to say, I think it makes a lot of sense.  Finn will be 6 months by the time Dylan starts school, and I think it may be easier to get us all out the house on time after 6 months of practice.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me and Mine June

June has been the month it turns from Spring to Summer, and it really has this year.  We started the month tentatively digging out our shorts and we have ended it by optimistically packing away our jeans.  We have spend most of the month outdoors - picnics at the park, ice creams on the beach and anything in between running around in the garden.  

These photos are pretty last minute as always, this was two days ago, when we popped to Whitstable for the day - a local seaside town with a pebble beach as opposed to our usual sand.  The town is full of beautiful boutiques and stalls selling fresh fish.  The boys don't need their buckets and spades here, it is amazing how long they can entertain themselves with just pebbles and the sea!

Archie really wasn't interested in having a photo taken
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