The Adventure of Parenthood

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Nun Night Three Year Old

Four years ago to this day I was playing Bingo.  I was having what I now know are contractions every few minutes, but at the time I was convinced that they were just Braxton Hicks.  Four years ago I was on the verge of becoming a mama and I had no idea what I was in for.  I couldn't foresee this little boy that stands before me now, so very nearly four, so ready for something big, yet so young still in so many ways.

This last year has been busy, we have had so many adventures, you have welcomed another little brother into your life and you have done it beautifully, despite the fact nothing really went to plan. Every day we have played, explored, socialised, learned and loved.  This has been the year that you learned to read, to add, to subtract, to ask such intricate questions, to climb, to run with a football, to open a ringpull, to dress yourself, to play memory and to work a tablet.  

You are about to turn four which means school is on the horizon and in so many ways you are oh so ready.  You cannot wait to dress in your smart blue uniform and head off into your purple classroom.  You want to make new friends, play with their toys and discover more about yourself and the world.  You are starting to ask questions that I struggle to answer, and I hope school will encourage your curiosity even further.  We have been discussing electricity a lot recently, you are so fascinated by it all and how things are made is another great topic.  My to do list for the week includes things like googling the inside of a telegraph pole, finding out the temperature that fossil fuels are burned at and coming up with the best answer for how rocks got onto the earth.  You challenge me every day, and I love being on this journey of learning with you.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Me and Mine July

July has been the busiest month of our year, it appears nearly everyone we know was born this month and we have had so many parties!  Add into that the bloke passing his driving test, and we have ended the month on a high.  In fact, we ended it by driving up to London to meet one of my favourite bloggers who took some lovely photos for us!

The bloke spent the first two weeks of this month unemployed, as there was a break before he started his new job, and we have spent so much time as a family this month that it seems right that we get some great shots to capture it.  

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dylan and I

He is the one who made me a mama, and for that he will always be not only my son, but my teacher. He is so big in so many ways, and still so small in others and I have to remind myself so regularly that he is only three.

Before him, I didn't exist, not as the person I am now anyway.  He was born to a twenty three year old girl who hadn't really held a baby before.  She hadn't changed a nappy, pushed a pram or felt that love that takes over every cell in your body before.  I held him for the first time, I knew his name  - we knew his name even though we hadn't agreed on it until that moment, and somehow nearly four years have passed.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Molo at Melijoe

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a love with scandinavian clothes and Molo create stunning photo print designs as well as some more simple pieces.  They don't come cheap, but they are sure to stand out, and the quality is superb.  All three of my boys have some Molo in their wardrobe, and I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces from the current autumn winter collection.

In fact, we have three out of these six already.  I love the simple star top with the sleeping animal trousers and watch this space as Finn has these ready to grow into.

Archie has the star jumper top centre and the simplicity combined with the quality make it perfect for the coming season.

I love the bird print at the bottom with the little pops of colour, and I would love the space themed ski jacket for one of the boys this coming winter - I can imagine it on Dylan.  The cars blanket is so different, and I know that all three of mine would love it.  Not only does it look cosy for Finn, but it is a great talking point for all three, discussing their favourites - bound to brighten up any buggy this winter!

Molo at Melijoe

Monday, 27 July 2015

Sing Along With Dora

Ever since my big two boys discovered Nickolodeon, they have been hooked and Dora and Friends is one of Archie's favourite programs (although he asks to watch 'hola' instead of Dora).  

As he is also one to sing everything, anything and pretty much all the time, Nick Jr's 'Sing along Summer' is right up our street, and we have been singing along with all our favourite shows this week (join in between 10am and 1pm if you have some theme tunes still to learn).  

Smyth's toy stores are full of the new Dora range of toys (which you will see my two have had great fun playing with below), and if you pop along on the right day, then you can visit the travelling karaoke booth.  In fact, the karaoke booth will be in my local store, Westwood Cross tomorrow (28th July) and I am hoping to take along the boys so that they can show off their skills.

Life with 3 - Month 5

Finn turned 5 months this weekend, which means we have spent five whole months as a family of five.  I keep being told 'hasn't it gone fast', but somehow it hasn't.  It feels like Finn has been part of the family forever.  It feels like a whole lifetime ago that we were in SCBU, and I can barely even remember writing our four month update, it was so long ago.  Things are going at a great pace, I feel like I have time to appreciate where we are now, and I am hoping the the summer holidays stay slow, as I think September is going to be a whole new challenge to the parenting three thing.

5 months old, cCMV baby, cytomegalovirus, brothers

This month has seen the end of nursery and preschool ahead of the summer.  We have spent more time at the beach and the park than ever, and I can't wait for a summer of freedom.  The most challenging thing as a non driver is still transport, as Dylan gets so tired, and if we are out all day, he struggles to walk home sometimes.  This means I can either take a double buggy with two seats and Finn in a sling, or I have to somehow persuade a boy struggling to keep his eyes open to nap.  There was a situation this month that left me pushing Dylan and Archie in the buggy (Archie squished into Finn's carrycot), whilst carrying the only one of the three who was awake - not an easy feat!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Last Two Months

We have less than two months left, fifty five days, until Dylan starts school.  It has come around far too fast, it feels like only last week I was holding this small person in my arms, not knowing what to do with him, overcome with amazement.  I can still hold him in my arms, but he doesn't sit so neatly anymore.  There are longs limbs hanging over the side, a head full of hair, and a weight I struggle to carry.  He is tall, broad and smart.  He is nearly four, and we have two months of freedom left.

When he was born, we had all the time in the world.  I would waste days just walking with the pram, just laying next to him on the floor, just cuddling in bed, refusing to get up.  He was my baby, my first born, and I couldn't imagine him being any older than he already was.  These four years seem to have crept up on us, and I now have a 'preschooler'.  I can no longer call him a toddler.  He will always be my baby, but this boy, my son, is a child now.  

It is two months until he will be dressing in a little white polo shirt, smart grey trousers and a navy sweater, a bookbag in hand and excitement in his eyes.  Two months until he marches off into his classroom, full of children he doesn't know, and although he will do it confidently, it is such a big change for him.  He started preschool in a class of friends, but he starts school alone.

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