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Friday, 4 September 2015

BabyMoov Floor Mat

Ever since we discovered BabyMoov, they have been one of our favourite companies, and their activity nest is just perfect for a small baby.  It is soft and padded around the outside, and comes with a newborn insert to help keep their delicate head protected and in the right position.  The mat is simple but entertaining enough for Finn still at 6 months.

Babymoov floor mat, Babymoov, activity mat

We found this ideal in the early day as Finn seemed overwhelmed by the colours and noise of other playmats.  He was content on his Babymoov mat and as he got bigger, stronger and more coordinated he started batting the toys and eventually grabbing them so he could really explore them - with his mouth of course.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Half a Year

26 weeks old, 6 months, half a year.  We have reached this milestone without me really understanding how the time has passed.  My newborn has become a baby and this baby is growing up, learning new skills and changing constantly.

Finn is still such a content baby.  He loves to cuddle, he wants to know I am close, even if we aren't touching and he adores his big brothers.  He is starting to teethe and is constantly chewing his hands.  We have introduced a few teething toys now that he has the co-ordination to get them in his mouth and Sophie the giraffe is already proving to be a favourite.

He has started sitting unaided, although only for short bursts and he still leans quite far forward.  He can roll from his front to his back, and lying on his back he seems to turn in circles as he lifts his bum in the air and moves round.  I am not convinced this is on purpose, but he isn't usually facing the same way that I left him anymore.  He isn't showing an interest in crawling yet and I am happy for him to stay that way  -  Archie crawled at around 7 months and I remember how much trouble they can cause! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

An August Bank Holiday

The August bank holiday is always one of my favourites.  It always falls around the time of my birthday and seems to be the perfect time to say goodbye to the summer, even if we are hoping for a few more weeks of sunshine.  We managed two days out of three where the temperature was above 20 degrees and we didn't need raincoats and welly boots so I think we did well!

There always seems to be lots going on locally over the weekend, and we chose a small fun fair right down by the beach on Saturday.  It was perfect for little ones like mine as they could go on almost everything and I think the teacups were definitely the favourite.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Me and Mine August

August hasn't quite gone to plan.  We have spent most of the month avoiding civilisation as all three boys caught chicken pox and not at the same time.  We spent the best part of one week in hospital and we have certainly got our moneys worth from our Netflix subscription.  That said, we have had a lovely month too.  It is our last month of freedom before school so we have been very relaxed with bedtimes and therefore had more lay ins than usual.  We celebrated a 4th birthday and then a 28th, we have enjoyed playdates with friends, days on the beach and lots of picnics. These photos are from a picnic dinner at a local park, we stayed out until past their bed times exploring and enjoying the last of the sun.

Next month is looking very busy, so having a quieter August was probably for the best.  We are preparing for the first of the small people to start school and I am desperate for August to never end, as I don't feel ready (even if he clearly does!).

Teatime Picnics

Summer is all about picnics, and we use any excuse.  We often take our lunch down to the park at the end of our road and day trips are usually accompanied by scotch eggs and strawberries.  Whilst the evenings are still light, we have been having a few teatime picnics too, grabbing our blanket and sandwiches and heading to the beach or a park.

This weekend the boys had a late nap, so it seemed the perfect excuse to head out late.  It wasn't sunny, but it wasn't too cold either and so the park was deserted.  I am loving our new Huggies style on the go pouch,  it is perfect to pop on the buggy or hang from a bag and makes the wipes easy to access - something very important with messy eaters like mine! I even hung it from the sling when we went exploring afterwards as I knew that the mud and sand would end up everywhere!

The refill packs for these reusable pouches are made with natural absorbent fibres, and are free from nasties like parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol and perfume.  I can use them on the big two as well as the baby and I don't have to go rooting through my bag any more to find them.

I took home four worn out boys, empty packing and crumbs.  Hopefully we can fit in a few more teatime picnics before school begins and the night starts earlier.

Huggies wipes, style on the go, picnic

Strawberries, picnic

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Top picks for Starting School

Somehow the time has come to start getting everything ready for school.  There are only a few weeks left until we have to get out the navy sweatshirt and smart black shoes and send Dylan off to school and I am not feeling ready in the slightest emotionally.  I am trying to make sure that I am physically prepared though, so that all I have to worry about as it gets even closer is the supply of tissues I will need as I leave him in his classroom.


Whilst Dylan will be enjoying school dinners, many children will be taking packed lunches, and Archie will be carrying his lunchbox into nursery.   Here are some of our top picks for lunchtime buys

We know Little Life for their toddler backpacks, but they also make brilliant lunchboxes and bottles. Their animal characters work across the ranges and the lunchbags are easy to carry and insulated.  Archie will be taking his new crocodile lunchbag (£9.99) to nursery packed with all his favourite snacks, and his crocodile bottle (£6.99) will be on hand all day to keep him hydrated.  The straw flips out and it is easy for a toddler to open and close the lid independantly.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Chicken Pox Update

Things have been rather quiet on here, and if you have checked my social media recently, you may have noticed that the boys seem to be sporting a new look - it seems this is the summer of chicken pox!

Archie caught it first, probably from nursery where it was doing the rounds at the end of term, and I didn't realise at the time how mildly he got it.  He was more irritable than usual (although two year olds aren't known for being rational), but he never scratched, and his spots have all healed now, leaving no signs that he caught the virus.

Finn followed second, coming out with a few spots, but on day four he was still coming out with fresh spots and had a temperature.  I took him to the pharmacy, who booked us a GP appointment, who sent us to hospital.  Finn wasn't able to keep his temperature or heart rate down and some of his spots were starting to get infected.  We were admitted to the children's ward on Monday so that they could keep an eye on him.

We were well looked after and after 48 hours his temperature was back below thirty eight degrees and his heart rate within normal range.  New spots had stopped appearing, but unfortunately the ones in his eyelids had made them swell.  Poor Finn couldn't catch a break! Luckily he is now on the mend and on Thursday night we made it home armed with medications.  Finn is immeasurably happier at home - I think he thrives on the chaos and noise of his two big brothers.

As chicken pox is so contagious, it was only a matter of time before Dylan caught it, and as we brought Finn home, I noticed a few spots.  The next day he woke up pretty covered and rather unhappy about it too.  

We are pretty much quarantined until the last spots have crusted over, which means nowhere too public.  Our summer is being ruled by chicken pox, but at least we can still go outside, choosing the parks that are always empty, and plenty of playdates with friends that either have already had the virus, or who wan't it out the way before school.

We have got through more calpol this summer than in the four years I have been a parent and I finally worked out what bicarbonate of soda is for! Expect the boys to look rather on the spotty side in photos for the next couple of weeks!

chicken pox baby, 5 month old chicken pox, 5 month old in hospital

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