Friday 10 November 2023

We Moved to Malta

We came to Malta for a week this summer which I mentioned on here, but what I hadn't shared was that the purpose of that visit was to see if we wanted to move here.  We liked the country when we visited and acknowledged that it would be the best thing for Ed's business so we agreed to come and live in Malta for two years.  

Things then moved very quickly and we ended up with 3 weeks to pack up our lives, say goodbye to our friends and move across Europe.  We flew with 14 suitcases and arrived in Luqa airport just three days before the start of the school term here.

It has been a busy six weeks since we first arrived, we have found a house to live in and signed a contract, we have settled four children into school and now started Rex at nursery too and we are adjusting to a new pace of life here.  There are things I love about this country and things I already don't but we came into this agreement with open eyes and having spoken to lots of other expats living out here about the reality of this life.  

Malta is a very small country so I am trying to explore it slowly, taking my time exploring the villages and coastline. There is so much beauty here and I am loving the fact it is now November and I am still wearing t-shirts and shorts every day.

I am excited for this new adventure, missing my friends and family and slowly getting used to a new way of life.  Here are a few photos from our first couple of weeks in Malta.

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  1. What is Ed’s business out of interest for it to work better in Malta? I think it’s fabulous to just up and move as a family and if I could I so would


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