Thursday 28 May 2020

Life in Lockdown - Week 9

I think when Lockdown started, we had no idea how long it would go on for and writing a little diary through it like this seemed like a good idea.  As the weeks have stretched on, I have found it harder to pick up my camera each day and write something new when life just feels so repetitive.  In some ways it has got easier, I think we have fallen into our groove, working out how to be together 24/7 but in other ways it gets harder, as our motivation, especially mine is starting to dwindle and the days feel much longer.  I want to keep going though, because one day this will all be something in the past and I want to remember it.


We started the week with the best intentions and the children had to complete some learning based tasks to earn time on the x-box later in the day.  They fought me down on each one and did very little actual work but the day went better with the structure of at least attempting it.  We are all a fan of lazy mornings now, I have always been a night owl and hated getting up so our days all look similar, with mornings spent lying on the sofa watching TV, drinking coffee in bed and generally having quiet time followed by activities and play in the afternoon and then some gaming or screen time after dinner.  It probably isn't the best set up but everyone is happy with it at the moment.


We were sent a box of science experiments from Einstein Entertainers and it came with a 30 minute Zoom call where the professor talked us through a few of the experiments.  The kids really enjoyed it and so we decided to declare it science week (only in the loosest academic sense).  They made slime, paper helicopters and planted sunflower seeds as well as marvelling at the rainbow world through their science glasses.  They started the call overflowing with energy and ended it engaged and calmer. The afternoon was uneventful but I can see them finding new ways to play together, the older children getting back into toys when they want to.  I managed to even get some cleaning done whilst they played - something I haven't spent enough time doing over the past 9 weeks!


Today was a really good day, the kind where everything seems to go right and I wonder how I haven't been appreciating this more.  The sun shone and we did experiments rather than battling school work and then explored somewhere local that we haven't been before.  They played beautifully, enjoying each other and climbing on the rocks and in the bushes.  I went for a run and my leg didn't hurt from my previous injury and I spent the evening chatting to my friends over social media.  A combination of the kids behaving so well, watching their sibling bonds developing and the sun on my skin has given me enthusiasm and a sense of happiness.  I know there will be more hard days ahead but I will be clinging on to this lovely one.


I made an impulse purchase yesterday which meant that today's science lesson was in suspension, otherwise known as sitting in a hammock.  The weather was too nice to be inside so we played in the paddling pool, swung in the new hammock and had a really rather lazy home day including a socially distanced chat over the back fence with one of Dylan's friends. Finn didn't bring any reading books home from school and wasn't really able to read any that we owned but we acquired a bundle this week and he has been loving reading the right level books again. Reading online or bits of pages wasn't as interesting to him as picking up a book and being able to sound out every word and he is so proud of himself.


I decided to put a little bit of effort into our final day of science week so we played sink or float with random items in the paddling pool, shot rocket balloons around the garden guessing where they would land and then played with magic bubbles which stuck to everything and resulted in a lot of giggling! It still wasn't particularly educational but the kids loved it.  It seems strange to say I am totally ready for the weekend when really, it is no different to any other day at the moment but it still feels like it, probably because I have a second parent around for some of the weekend! 

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