Monday 11 March 2019

Archie's Style - Nununu

Archie's outfit was gifted in exchange for a review

He knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn't.  He makes his own choices and sometimes they are the same as his friends and sometimes they aren't.  He isn't afraid to be different and I love that about him.  He is confident but not in an obvious way, he is thoughtful and loving and he makes me so proud.  He is possibly the easiest of the four children and I feel bad that he doesn't always get as much attention as they might but he is hilarious when you spend time with him one on one, even if he doesn't stop talking.

When Nununu asked if I wanted to pick a few bits off of the website, I knew straight away it would be for Archie, not just because it is often the little two that get sent clothing but because it is just his style.  Nununu is edgy and cool but still playful and comfy.  The shapes are built for movement and play and Archie will always pick his Nununu clothing out his drawers given the choice.  I let him pick his outfit and he went for these red and pink trousers with numbers on them (current favourite colour is pink) along with a short sleeved t-shirt (which we have layered over a long sleeved one for warmth) and a baseball cap which he hasn't taken off since it arrived.

We recently discovered a deserted skate park behind the fire station and it is favourite place to play, running inside the bowl, scooting round the edges and down the sides and trying to read the graffiti (which all seems to be clean words thankfully!) so I took a few photos of him wearing his new favourite outfit here.

I hope this amazing boy of mine continues to be who he is and proud of it.  I know peer pressure will kick in more and more and at 6 he is still so little but I love the person he is becoming.  

Archie is an average sized slim six year old wearing the 6-7 here.  The clothes have plenty of growing room and he will get plenty of wear from them.  The trousers have working drawstrings so work well for different shaped children.

We were sent Archie's top, trousers and hat for the purpose of this post
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 

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