Wednesday 2 May 2018

What the Kids Wore // Maxomorra Summer

The weather keeps changing its mind about whether summer is on its way or not but we have been enjoying checking out Maxomorra's summer collection.  They sent us an under the sea print t-shirt for Finn and a rainbow spaghetti strap dress for Cora.

I love the rainbow print, although I was initially dubious about the straps on the dress as Cora is still quite petite.  They work really well though, staying up and elasticated and comfy.  As the weather wasn't quite summer warm we layered it with a vest and leggings.  The cotton is soft and everything is organic.  The dress is sized 86/92 which translates roughly as 18-24 but Cora is very petite for her age and so it was quite long.  I would say the sizing is probably quite accurate.

Finn's t-shirt is also super soft organic cotton and we love the bright print.  The red trim makes it look great and the size 98-104 (roughly age 2-4) fits him perfectly as he is an average sized just turned 3 year old.  

The collection is full of fun and playful prints and I have bought quite a few bits for the children already! Both prints are available in a variety of items from underwear, pyjamas, jumpers and trousers and the entire collection is organic.  

If you look at the bottom of the Maxomorra website you can see the full collection and also which retailers are stocking your favourite items.

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