Thursday 31 May 2018

Me and Mine in May

I have had so many opportunities to get a family photo this month, but it took until about 6pm today to actually get us all in front of the camera for a last minute snap and I think you can see how tired we all are! May has been a month of sunshine (mostly) and showers, beach trips and shorts, sunglasses and pimms.  It feels like we waited forever for this half term at the very end of the week and now we are just impatient for that long six week break we know is coming.

May has been quietly busy and whilst we haven't been anywhere special, we have been out a lot, spending most of the month outside at parks, beaches and woods.  The children have spent all their spare time in the garden which is slowly getting to how we want it and there have been more muddy knees and grass stains than I can count.

This was the month we decided to give potty training a go for not one child, but two.  Both Finn and Cora are now wearing pants and most days it is going really well, although it is definitely a slower process than with their big brothers.

So here is our family photo for May and a little update on us all

This month I have loved a bit of childfree times, watching 'Life of the Party' at the cinema, seeing how well my babies are doing at potty training and being barefoot at the beach.

Ed has loved seeing his friends at a wedding, choosing a reusable coffee cup (a bigger deal than you can imagine!), bbq weather and gardening with the children,

Dylan has loved hatching baby chicks at school, ice cream at the beach, making fruity (bear) yoyos from scratch and reading Horrid Henry's bodies book.

Archie has loved digging up mud in the garden, playdates with his friends after school, lots of outdoors play and pork pies.

Finn has loved going on the big slide at swimming, choosing his big boy pants every morning, the roundabout on the beach and having tea at nursery.

Cora has loved outdoor baths in the garden, playing with her little cousin Oscar, playing chase with her brothers/friends/anyone that will get involved and taking her babies for walks.

We are all hoping the sunshine returns for June!

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