Saturday 20 January 2018

What Cora Wore // Angels Face

18 months is an exciting age.  Until recently I could still think of Cora as a baby and it was easy.  She is still quite petite, she still looks so peaceful when she sleeps and she isn't much of a talker.  I can't deny her toddler-ness (totally a word) any longer though and this little girl of mine is feisty, opinionated and growing up quickly.  She has learned to say no, to shake her head and assert her opinions.  She is cheeky, she teases and plays and solves problems.  She is following her big brothers around and learning from them and it is exciting watching her personality grow and blossom.

I don't know yet whether she will be a girly girl, I think she is torn between wanting to climb trees and scramble in mud and the love of a pouffy skirt and she is already drawn to a tutu.  We were sent this one from Angel's Face as well as the hat and she had a big smile as soon as I put it on her and she couldn't stop playing with it.

There is something so adorable about a toddler in a tutu and I love the fun, feminine style.  The waistband is soft and stretchy and the hat co-ordinates perfectly.  We teamed it with her grey wool coat and her snow boots to keep her snug and she has two lots of thermals on under her leggings.  I have plans to pair it with a band -shirt and converse as the weather gets warmer and I can't wait!

The tutu is incredibly soft and special and came in a vintage inspired hat box.  I think this might be one of the items I keep for a possible grandchild one day as it is just so beautiful.  I will have to print out some of these photos to keep in the box too.  Cora is wearing age 1-2 here and is a petite 18 month old so if you are torn between sizes I would suggest sizing up. 

Thank you to Angel's Face for sending us these beautiful items!

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  1. This entire outfit is EVERYTHING. I'm fantasising about popping the girlies in tutus now!


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