Monday 29 January 2018

A Potty Training Update

I think I underestimated Finn when he was born. This tiny little boy, so much smaller than I had imagined, hooked up to machines looking so fragile. This baby who sat and smiled, slower to move than his brothers and content to watch. Toddler Finn is no longer that baby, he is an independent, head strong boy who will do things his way or not at all.

Potty training him is not as straight forward as it was with his brothers but I feel like we are on the verge of cracking it. We’ve been working as HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® ambassadors and have followed their 6 Steps to Potty Success. He has been wearing his HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Day-Time and HUGGIES® Pull-Ups Night-Time for a couple of months now and we have seen so much progress. Two months ago he lay happily on the changing mat as I got him dressed in the morning and changed his nappy. Now he is so proud to get himself dressed every morning, pulling his socks on the wrong way round and taking a few attempts to get his arms through the right holes. He rejects help with his shoes and he insists that ‘Finn do it’. His big boy training pants fall perfectly in to this routine as they encourage his confidence and independence.

HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® are easy for him to pull on and off himself (‘I do’) and he knows that the wetness indicator on both the day and night time pants, fades when wet (‘I see’). We have sadly packed away all his dungarees, but now everything is easy to get on and off. We’re using HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® in the day and night to ensure consistency and make sure he feels like he’s in his big boy pants all of the time. The day time pants feature a learning liner (‘I feel’) which briefly mimics the feeling of wetness meaning he feels when he’s had an accident.

My independent little boy has two big brothers to copy as well so he has decided that a potty is not for him and he would prefer to use the toilet instead. Finn is still quite short so we have a step (Lightening McQueen of course) to help him reach. We have found that when he is with friends that are slightly older or already potty trained then he is much more interested in using the toilet, yet when he is with his little sister he is happy not to.

I know that my strong willed toddler will get there and I don’t doubt that it will be soon. He is ready in almost every sense, his determination just needs to kick in now!

This post is in collaboration with Huggies

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