Monday 30 October 2017

We Love Rocks

It has been a busy half term and amongst the day trips, lunches out and ice creams we have been looking for free activities, especially ones that involve wearing out the four children.  We recently discovered a facebook group called Love on the rocks that encourages people to paint or draw on rocks and hide them in public places as part of a national hide and seek. The groups (there are lots of local ones too) mean you can share where you have hidden your rocks and find places nearby where others have hidden them.

Reima, love on the rocks

It became our go-to activity for the week, something to get us out the house and encourage the boys to be active.  They love the hunt, they run from tree to tree searching and the excitement when they find one is brilliant. 

Reima, love on the rocks

Today we headed to the park with friends and managed to find 8 different stones including an alien, a bunny rabbit and a frog.  We examined each one before hiding it somewhere new and the game is never ending as we know by the time we visit again each of the stones will have moved.  

Reima, love on the rocks

My top tips for rock hunts

1) Check on Facebook for local parks or areas that people have hidden them.  Our local park has its own group, but there are national and county groups too.

2) Make sure you are dressed for the weather.  Wellies are a great idea as are warm layers so that you can stay out a bit longer.  The big two are wearing fleeces from Reima here that are warm and quick drying.

3) Take drinks and snacks - sometimes the rocks are hidden really well so it may take you a while!

4) Check the bases of trees and around statues as they seem to be the most popular hiding places.  They aren't always on the ground though.

5) If your children are old enough, then taking a bag and a litter picking stick means you can do a mini park clean at the same time.

6) Hide your own creations whilst you are hunting and don't forget to share where you have hidden them so others can join in the fun!

Reima, love on the rocks, painted rocks, rock hunting

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima, love on the rocks, active kids

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima, love on the rocks

Reima are encouraging kids to stay active and you can win a trip to Finnish Lapland by sharing your children's active hour

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