Thursday 5 October 2017

A Rainbow Bedroom

When we moved house we decided to move the two little ones in together and create a rainbow themed room for them.  As we are living in a rented house we kept the white walls and went with a fresh white feel to the whole room with some colourful accessories.  Finn and Cora are loving their shared rainbow room and sleeping really well in there together.

Both children have white cot beds and Cora has a new NaturalStart mattress from Harrison Spinks which combines hundreds of baby springs with luxurious natural fillings.  I bought both Finn and Cora's sheets from etsy and Finn's pillow case in part of the Little Bird bedding collection that I bought him last year.

Finn's rainbow blanket was lovingly knitted by my talented mother in law and we bought Cora's whilst on holiday a couple of years ago.  Both of their cots are cotbeds so will be turned into beds as they get bigger.

Above Finn's beds are the words 'You are my sunshine' in acrylic from Baby Abode.  They custom make acryclic and ply wall art and I love how different this looks.

Above Cora's cot I have hung some cloud bunting that I bought from Etsy. She has her two favourite dolls in her bed including her mermaid which was a birthday gift and made by Little Lapins.

I bought a white chest of drawers from ikea and I put three pictures on the top.  The first was painted by a friend for Cora for her birthday, the second was made by Lavender House Gift Company and is so beautiful.  I love the delicate details and it is something that we can keep for Cora.  The third is a print from Kirsty Mason designs and goes perfectly in their rainbow room.

On the floor I have made a comfy play area with a Little Bird rug, cushions from Mama Designs and Tiger stores and a lovely little shape sorter we were sent from Born Gifted which the children play with every day.

There are three shelves above their play area for their Grimms rainbow and bobbins from Babipur and I have put some of their Pantone books on the third, although I need to find the rest of the collection in one of the unpacked boxes.

We have kept the room simple and minimalist, giving the children more space to play and keeping the room calm to help them sleep.  In the evenings we put on their rainbow light which projects a rainbow across the room.  It is the perfect nightlight to help them fall asleep in the evenings.

I have loved decorating this rainbow room for them.

Some of these items were sent to us to include in these photos and others were purchased by me.  I have only included things that we genuinely love.


  1. I love this!! It has such a calm feel to it. You’ve such a good eye for detail. I also love how it is a rainbow theme without being too much.

  2. This is so lovely! I especially love the lettering - I'm a sucker for anything like that. It is a subtle rainbow theme too, which is just my style too x

  3. Such a beautiful room, you've really inspired me to create a lovely bedroom for my littlies.

  4. I love the colour theme, it's so pretty!! what a great way to inject some beautiful colour.

  5. Oh what a beautiful room. I love the rainbow theme xxx

  6. Wow such a beautiful room. I am in aww. lol That reminds me I need to do a room tour of Chloe's room. Even though she never sleeps in it. ha xx

  7. Love this, would love it for a room for me! We are huge fans of rainbows, love the picture frame with button rainbow. We also rent and have stuck with fresh white walls and add a splash of colour and character with accessories.

  8. Oh bex I love what you have done with their room. It's beautiful. So awesome they get to share. I shared a bedroom with my brother and my sister for almost most of my childhood. I loved it. This is stunning.

  9. This is such a beautiful theme for a nursery and so unisex too which is brilliant. I am in love with the perspex lettering, it looks so striking. Well done x


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