Tuesday 31 October 2017

Me and Mine in October

October has been mild and bright and full of orange with the falling leaves, the odd sun and sky in the middle of the month and the pumpkins at the end.  We have been busy and we have had fun and our Me and Mine snaps were taken on Saturday whilst we were at Port Lympne.  

This month

Mama is loving freshly baked bread each morning, getting my yellow coat back out, the warm winter duvet and falling asleep listening to the bears on our overnight trip at the zoo.

Daddy is loving baking bread in his new breadmaker, carving a pumpkin, watching Stranger Things on Netflix and going on the safari at Port Lympne

Dylan is loving looking for painted rocks in the park, collecting Pokemon cards, hot chocolate with marshmallows and writing stories.

Archie is loving his swimming lessons, discovering all the dinosaurs at Port Lympne, a sleepover at Grandma and Granpas and playing Pokemon.

Finn is loving seeing the tigers at the zoo, looking for numbers when we are out walking, singing to Cora at bedtime and brushing his teeth

Cora is loving climbing on the sofa, being allowed to walk more outside, dancing around the living room with Finn and giving kisses to everyone.

We have pretty much no plans for November at the moment so I am excited to see how it goes!

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