Monday 9 October 2017

5 Things to do with a Spare Room

We have recently moved in to a bigger house to give us a lit the idea of an upstairs office where doors can be shut is very appealing!tle more space, but as the boys have decided that they would prefer to still share a room, we have ended up with a completely spare room.  There have been many suggestions from all members of the family with what it should be used for, here are our top 5

  1. A guest room.  The obvious choice is to buy a guest bed and keep the room for when family and friends come to stay.  Guest beds are great for when one of the boys has a friend to sleepover too.
  2. An upstairs office.  We have an open plan downstairs and currently our desks are set up down there, but having a space where we can shut the door is very appealing

playroom 690.jpg

  1. A walk in wardrobe.  I have always dreamed of a simplistic and minimalist bedroom, and having our wardrobes in a seperate room would help keep our sleeping space calm.
  2. A kids den. The boys would love either an upstairs playroom or as they get bigger a games room or den for playing computer games and hanging out with their friends.


  1. A room for students. Having a spare room can allow you to earn a bit of an extra income by hosting foreign students.
How would you utilise a spare room?

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