Wednesday 14 September 2016

Baby Bundle Baby Rocker

At eleven weeks, Cora is starting to leave the fourth trimester.  She has always been a baby that wants to be held, she loves to be close and she definitely knows who her mama is.  She has spent lots of time in the sling around the house as that is where she is most content and I have loved this transition phase and watching her become more confident being put down.

She now spends periods of her day 'playing' or at least kicking her legs around and stretching out away from me and we have been using her Bababing baby rocker from Baby Bundle lots.  

This rocker is simple and perfect for little babies.  The seat is small and cosy so they feel secure and the more muted colours provide stimulation without it being too much.  Cora is content and happy in there and she is starting to reach out for the toys now.  The rocker comes with two toys, but her youngest big brother is rather fond of pinching one as they are attached with velcro and easy to pull off.

One of my favourite features of this rocker is just how portable it is.  It folds down really easily and is easy to transport and it is incredibly light.  These photos were taken at the beach hut last weekend as it was ideal to pop in the car and to give Cora somewhere safe to play whilst we were out.  

I don't think this rocker will last past about 4 months for my long baby (she is currently 2.5 months), and the velcro shoulder straps are almost too small now, but I will continue to use it just with the waist straps which have plenty of growing room and are handily hidden until the grey fabric.  

I do think this is a great rocker, I love that there are two height positions, how portable it is and easy to store (especially with a one year old who will climb on anything he can reach) and the colours are lovely.  

Disclosure : I was sent this rocker for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. 

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