Tuesday 13 September 2016

A Lidl Surprise

Buying baby clothes has always been one of my guilty pleasures and all four children have far more clothes than they really 'need'.  I just can't resist a cute vest, or a teeny pair of tights and when Lidl told me about their new range of organic cotton baby clothes I was really excited to see what they were like.

I am so impressed with it all, the cotton feels soft and lovely and knowing that its production isn't contributing to pollution makes my shopping habit a little more acceptable.  Not only that, but everything is amazing value!  Thick winter tights for only £1.50, a 2 pack of vests for less than £4 and a soft cardigan for £4.99!  Most of the range is completely unisex and it is all autumnal creams, beiges and browns.  You can even pick up some leather moccasins for only £5.99

Here are some of my favourite pieces, I have chosen some of the girlier things as I am planning Cora's autumns wardrobe, but there are some lovely boy bits for Finn too:

Everything is in stores now so be quick if you want to grab some organic cotton bargains!


  1. Oh they are adorable, especially the shoes - why did my babies have to get so big? We're completely grown out of the baby department now!

  2. Some of our best childrens clothes buys have come from Aldi and Lidl. In fact we bought two very nice shirts for a fiver each which the kids wore to a professional photoshoot and they looked great.

    Our youngest has just turned 4 so we too are out of the baby stage.

  3. Oh how cute are these?? That cardi is just lovely and the prices are fab. They grow so quick I always begrudge spending too much on clothes! x

  4. These are lovely and great value. They look like they cost great far more. Such a beautiful colour combination


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