Friday 26 August 2016

Three Bear's Threads

This summer has been about picnics, days at the park, muddy knees, late nights, dirty fingernails, sunkissed noses, bare feet, salty hair and fun.  The boys have spent almost all of it outdoors and they have needed clothes that let them explore, run, dance and play.  Three Bears Threads sells clothes with personality that are comfy, bright and perfect for kids like mine. They were each sent an outfit recently and they have formed part of our summer staples.

The day that I took these photos was so bright and we were at a little nature garden at the park.  They were watching dragonflies, practicing walking and balancing, looking for caterpillars and hoping for ice creams on the way home. 

 Finn has the most expressive face when he is walking, he still looks utterly amazed with himself.  His t-shirt is just brilliant and we have so many comments on it.  His leggings are stretchy and a great fit with a playful print (both items are 1-2 and he is a pretty average sized 17 month old).

I adore Archie's hot air balloon top - we seem to have gravitated towards balloon prints this summer, and the monochrome with a splash of colour looks amazing in real life.  

My skinny legged little one wore the leggings as baggy trousers (These are a 4T and he is an average 3.5 year old) and loved them.  I was tempted to swap them for a smaller size but he likes the comfy relaxed fit and refused to take them off.

And Dylan at 5 is all about looking 'cool'.  He would live in jogging bottoms if you let him and so I love that these get his seal of approval but are also a little bit different, a bit more fun than your average.  

Of course all the photos I have of him came out terribly or he was doing something ridiculous in them!

Cora wasn't missed out, she was sent a vest and leggings too, although the vest didn't last long enough that day for me to get the camera out.  Her leggings are stunning though and have plenty of growing space as I rolled up the cuffs. (They are 0-3 and she was 7 weeks old).  The subtle print is really unisex and super soft.

I was really impressed with the items, my favourite bits have to be Finn and Archie's tops as they are so unique but all four loved their new outfits.  Three Bears Threads has a sale on at the moment so there are some real bargains and all of these items are perfect for Autumn too.

Thank you to Three Bears Threads for sending all four children such beautiful post!


  1. Bad Mother Hugger. HAHAHAHA! I am going to be laughing about that for days! Your kids always wear the nicest clothes x

  2. These are fab these clothes! I love the style and have not heard of Three bears threads before. Very cool! #FunkyKidsFriday

  3. What lovely photos :) I love the hot air balloon tee!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx


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