Tuesday 30 August 2016

5 Reasons I am Looking Forward to Breastfeeding Again

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In the lead up to Cora's arrival I was feeling a mixture of nervous and excited. I knew that things were about to get very busy, that life with a newborn is exhausting and draining in every sense and that I will truly understand the term 'hands full' as I tackle life with four aged four and under. I also knew how amazing it was going to be, how the adrenaline makes you feel on top of the world, how precious those early days are and how perfect newborn cuddles are.

I breastfed all three of the boys for varying lengths of time and I am breastfeeding this little lady as well. In fact, it is one of the things I was really looking forward to, for many reasons.

1) Everyone wants newborn cuddles to touch their tiny toes, sniff their little heads and marvel at how small they are. I know family and friends will want to take the baby off me to hold, but once she starts crying, it will be straight back to Mama. Breastfeeding means it is only me that can feed her and settle her, that it is me that gets to enjoy those moments of calm, watch her fall asleep milk drunk and hold her close.

2) Breastfeeding is easy - not always at first, but once those early struggles have passed and things fall into a routine, it becomes so easy. There is nothing extra to pack in an already bulging changing bag, no problems if you decide to stay out later and the knowledge that you have everything you need somewhere that you really can't lose!

3) The knowledge that I am providing my baby with the very best start in life. The first 1000 days (pregnancy through to her 2nd birthday) are so important and my breastmilk adapts to my baby's needs providing her with the right amount of essential proteins she needs to grow and stay healthy. Protein in breastmilk is vital for growth and development and is the foundation for their cells, muscles, brain and other tissues I still find it amazing that my body makes all of this on demand! The World Health Organisation recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months as breast milk has been proven to support an appropriate rate of growth as the level of protein in breast milk changes as your babies grow. When babies grow at an appropriate rate it can reduce their chances of becoming overweight and obese later in life.

This video from SMA Nutrition shows the importance of protein in breastmilk

4) The extra calories having a newborn is exhausting and cake is one of the best ways to get through it. Breastfeeding mamas get an extra 500 calories a day which makes me feel so much better about all those extra biscuits I will be eating! It also means that the inevitable 'mum tum' shrinks a little faster, although I know with four pregnancies under my belt it is just a part of me now.

5) Savouring those moments, knowing that it won't be long before she is running around and not needing me so much. Knowing that whilst I am feeding my baby there is nowhere else I would rather be, that I am doing the most important thing I can be. Being able to stroke a tiny cheek, watch little fingers curl, little toes wriggle, a little body warm against mine. Being forced to slow down and appreciate the moment, exactly as we are, savouring the baby days.

I know that things may not stay easy, but it is something worth fighting for and I am enjoying every moment of breastfeeding my baby girl.

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  1. With baby due any day now I have been thinking a lot about this. With G I breastfed until 5 months when I went back to work. With LJ she was dairy allergic so we only lasted 7 weeks. I want to give this one a minimum of 7 weeks so he at least has the same as his sister but I struggled so much with mastitis etc the last time and plus I honestly don't know how I will manage with 2 other kids to look after too. Obviously people do it, with you managing it too, but I felt so trapped before and don't want to feel trapped with others to think about. I'm just going to go with the flow I think, if I do it then great and if not then hopefully I can at least make 2 months. x


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