Sunday 22 November 2015

What the Boys Wore - Bobux Shoes

Whilst I used to collect high heels as a teenager and display them on bookcases lining my bedroom, I now look for the perfect shoes for three little boys who like to have lots of adventures.  They don't have nearly as many as I had back then and I am far more fussy about how good for their feet they are than I was about looking after my own.

Bobux are a brand known for their barefoot designs.  Their shoes are made so that children walk more naturally, are more aware of what is going on under their feet and with the aim of promoting healthy foot development.  Archie is a runner and a climber and he is also pretty clumsy and after getting used to the new soles, he didn't seem to fall over quite so much.  It did take a couple of wears before he found his balance in them though, as they are different to what he was wearing before.

Bobux boots, bobux eskimo boots,winter boots

I chose him some beautiful blue 'eskimo' boots which are lined with wool on the inside and made from leather on the outside.  They fit well (definitely don't size up with Bobux) and they look great with pretty much everything he owns.  

Bobux boots, Bobux eskimo boots, trendy toddler

Whilst Finn has been happy either barefoot or with some socks, the time has come to think about his little feet over winter, and so his first pair of shoes are these soft sole Bobux boots.  Until he is confidentally walking around outside (which I hope to have at least a few months until this happens), he doesn't need anything solid under his feet and these soft sole 'winter boots' allow his feet to develop naturally whilst keeping them toasty warm with a fleece lining and leather outer.

Bobux baby shoes, Bobux boots

They go perfectly over his leggings or under some of his wider legged clothing and the stretch makes them easy to put on and easy to keep on.

Bobux boots, Bobux shoes, soft sole feet

Bobux shoes are a great investment, in quality shoes and in your child's feet and I love the way their choices are set out in stages so you can buy the ideal support for your child's development.   Archie's shoes are from the 'i-walk' section for confident walkers and retail at £48 and Finn's are from the soft sole collection for developing feet and cost £30.  

Thank you for Bobux for sending us these gorgeous boots that I know will last both boys all winter.

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