Tuesday 10 November 2015

The Doona - Where we have used it

I was so excited when our Doona arrived just before the birth of Finn and I had no idea how much we would use it.  As a pair of non-drivers it wouldn't be part of our school run or nipping out at the petrol station which I know others find it useful for, but it has been brilliant all the same.

I wasn't expecting to have a poorly baby and after bringing Archie home less than four hours after giving birth I knew the Doona would be coming with us to the hospital.  I wasn't letting anyone else carry my baby out and those car seats are hard to carry even with an 8 pound baby in - especially one you have only just delivered!  The Doona would have given me the opportunity to still be the one carrying him, but without the stress on my body of actually carrying.

As it happened, Finn was 3 weeks old before we could bring him home and our stay in SCBU was mostly in isolation.  As he started doing better I was told that I could take him out in the private garden behind the ward for short periods, so long as I had a pushchair for him as he couldn't be carried out.  My room wasn't big of course and storing a pram would have taken up all the free space, but the Doona slotted perfectly under the table and gave me the freedom to enjoy some fresh air with him in the afternoons.

Taking Finn home from hospital certainly wasn't the end of our time there and we had three other stays before he hit six months as well as too many appointments to count.  Often I would get a lift into the hospital and find my own way home and I knew that taking the Doona meant I could jump in a taxi or use the bus.  I never had to wait in the rain either, as if the two pushchair spaces were full I could fold the Doona and have it on the seat next to me - something I appreciated a lot after a long day on the ward and rubbish weather outside.

The Doona was never going to be our main pushchair as babies shouldn't be in the car seat position for too long, but once Dylan started school and I started having more days out with friends, the Doona was perfect for going in their cars.  Their own buggies in the boot, I didn't need to take up any extra space and I had a pushchair ready to go as soon as we arrived.  I made sure I always took a sling to wear whilst we were out, but when I needed to put Finn down (or when I needed somewhere to store bits), I had the Doona with me.

Now that Finn is a little older and the bloke has a car, we are finding the Doona still makes life so much easier.  Meals out where he has fallen asleep on the way there mean he can finish his snooze whilst we start eating.  At 8 months he still has plenty of growing space and seems very comfy in there too.  We can fit it in the back seat of our Ford Mondeo alongside two other car seats and don't find the Doona takes up any more space than another infant car seat.

 Disclaimer : The Doona was sent to us for the purpose of a review.  Please be aware that whilst the straps may not look safe in all these pictures, they were always tightened, straightened and checked for safety before driving.


  1. Ah look how much he's grown! Love his little crossed feet in that last photo. I wish Doonas had been around when we'd had the kids, such a great invention and a definite gap in the market - especially on those really short trips or teamed with a carrier x

  2. I think it's the most perfect thing for school runs, to just pop it out the car once you're there and then back in again without all the faff of getting the buggy out the boot.


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