Thursday 26 November 2015

Weaning Two Months In (Giveaway)

We have now been weaning for two months and Finn seems to be getting keener on food. He started off very tentatively, but I see his excitement now when I show him his dinner is ready. Those little eyes light up, his legs start kicking and he uses all his strength to propel himself towards the spoon.

We have worked out that he likes his food cold (out the fridge is preferable) and that with puree a slightly thicker consistency is best, although we haven't tried lumps yet. The vegetable puree that SMA® Nutrition had challenged us to make was a complete hit and the combination of sweet potato, parsnip and butternut squash worked really well.

Celebrity mum Sheree Murphy runs through the recipe that we tried in the video below.

Finn really liked this mix and ate it well. We gave him one portion and froze the others so that we could get them when we need them. He liked having the sticks of steamed veg to hold as well, although these didn't make it into his mouth so often (they did get bashed into the highchair and thrown all over the floor though!).

At the moment Finn's diet consists mostly of fruit, vegetables and of course formula milk, but over the coming months we will be introducing more meat and other flavours. Whilst we were away last month, he decided not to eat anything for a few days (I think the heat and jet lag meant he favoured the comfort of milk), so we haven't been progressing so fast as I thought we would, but knowing that he is getting so much nutrition from his formula milk at the moment is very comforting. I know he will get there in his own time and until then I am making meals perfectly suited to him.

I am running an amazing giveaway with SMA Nutrition, so for your chance to win £100 of fresh food vouchers, hop over to my facebook page and share a photo of your little one trying out one of these recipes or something else you have made for them. (Giveaway ends 6th Decmeber 2015 at 11:59pm, UK entrants only, one entry per person and all entrants must be over 18).

Disclaimer : In Collaboration with SMA Nutrition


  1. Aww it's such an exciting time when they just start to get the whole concept of food isn't it - and just look at his face!

  2. Everything is so cute! I can see why it’s a favorite brand of yours. I think I would pick the lamb booties.


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