Saturday 24 January 2015

The Hive Heating

Living in a rented house, we have been stuck with a boiler we have little control over.  Whilst we can turn the heating on and off, and even set it on a timer, we couldn't control the temperature, or set it to come on just when it was cold, meaning we were often sat either huddled under blankets wondering why it was so cold, or getting over hot as we hadn't remembered to turn it off.

We recently had the Hive heating installed which has given us full control over the heating of our house.  A British Gas engineer spent about an hour installing it and running me through the features and now I can control the temperature of my house without even being in it.  The thermostat is linked to the wifi, and I can control the options using the small panel fitted in the house, but also online or via the free app.

Using the online tools, I can set up thermostat heating, or manual controls, meaning if we were to go away for a couple of days, I could have the heating off, and then turn it on just before we come home, so the house feels cosy.  If we get drenched splashing in puddles, I can make sure the radiators are warm to dry our jeans as soon as we walk through the door.

I haven't had the system long enough to see whether it will save us money yet, but I think the full control lets us keep track of how much we are spending a lot more. Having never paid attention to temperatures, we are starting to work out when we need it on and how warm we really want the house but I think it won't be long until we find the perfect balance for us.

We love the fact that it can be controlled in so many ways, as the bloke and I both have it installed on our computers as well as both having the app, so it can be changed to suit whoever is at home.  The installation was simple and we know we are not throwing away money should we take a holiday.

Disclaimer:  The Hive was installed free of charge in exchange for this post
 but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Thank you to Legal and General

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