Wednesday 16 July 2014

Summer Sandpit Fun

My boys love each other in a way that only siblings will understand.  They cuddle, and copy, and wrestle and fight.  They tell tales on one another, and then make up, and they are happiest when the other is around.  We were recently send a lovely large sandpit from Plum, and it has made afternoons in the garden so much more peaceful. I see a friendship between them, and maybe it is the fresh air, the variety of toys or the simplicity of sand in a pit.  Whatever it is, they can play for hours both side by side and together, without even noticing if I am around or not.  The sand captures their imagination in a way that a toy in the house rarely does and I am looking forward to plenty more fun in the garden this summer.

The sand pit was easy-ish to put together.  There were a lot of screws and I did end up with a blister on my palm, but the instructions were simple and it slotted together easily.  It took me about 75 minutes in total.  I had read the size on the website, but the reality is that this is a big sandpit.  You could easily sit three or four children in it, all with their own space to play.  There are four ledges round the outside that they can sit on, and a ground sheet too.

The sandpit comes with a water resistant cover which fits loosely over the top.  I know that the fit is for safety reasons, but it does mean that even on a July evening one of the corners can blow off, so we are hoping to get hold of some bricks to stop the snails coming back in.  It takes quite a bit of sand, 125-250kg to be exact.  We started off with 100kg (as that is all we could get hold of), which covered the ground, but meant that as soon as they started playing the ground sheet was exposed, so I would recommend going towards the higher end.  I bought sand from Tesco's, and it cost £4 per 20kg.  It is another outlay to fill up, but once you have done it, it is set for the summer (unless you have an Archie who loves emptying the sand onto the rest of the garden!)

We are loving having a sandpit in the garden and this is such an investment as I know the boys have many years of building sandcastles ahead of them.  The wood comes with a one year guarantee against wood rot and insect damage and the sand can be replaced at the first sign of any issues.  The sandpit retails at £99.99 on the Plum Website, but do remember that you will be paying out around £35 to fill it will sand as well.  I think it is well worth the money for hours of entertainment, especially if you have a spacious garden.

 Disclaimer:  I was sent a sandpit free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. This looks awsomes my girls would love it my gardens way to small tho! :(

  2. Wow it's huge! I can see why your boys love it; I think my two would think it amazing - but then we wouldn't have any garden left!! Happily they have an enormous sandpit at nursery which I think they get full use out of given how much sand comes home in their shoes!!


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