Tuesday 8 July 2014

An Adventure at Whitstable Beach

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'Would you like to come into my adventure, mummy?'

Sometimes I worry that he hasn't quite got it, but then he makes me hop from cushion to cushion as we jump on the train, or he takes me into the 'jungle', where in reality no plant is higher than our knees and the most exotic animal you will find is a squirrel.  

whitstable beach, adventures in whitstable, toddlers on the beach, brothers

Dylan is nearly three and I can see his imagination growing every day.  He loves to play pretend, making whole scenarios in his head and his favourite place to have these adventures is outdoors.  The park, the beach, the alley down the side of our house - it doesn't really matter when you are two, what matters is who you are with and what you are doing.

whitstable beach, toddler brothers

We took a trip to Whitstable beach at the weekend, not particularly organised, but set for the day none the less.  Our picnic blanket and beachy bits sat neglected at home and we had to make do with what we did have, our minds and our hands.  Not once did they ask for a bucket and spade, a watering can or a digger.  

They collected pebbles, they moved them from one part of the beach to another.  They examined the seaweed, the waves lapping the shore and searched for shells amongst the stones.  Dylan and I had competitions to find the roundest stone, the longest, the smoothest and the smallest.  Archie and I tried to balance them and build towers.

jelly shoes for adults, whitstable beach

We dipped our toes into the cold sea, ate ice creams and sat on the pebbles.
We had so many adventures, that we took home two little boys who could barely keep their eyes open (well one managed to pull a few cheeky faces on the train still)

16 months old, cheeky toddler face


  1. Looks like a great day out, the boys look like they are becoming bestest friends. And I still can't get over how big Archie looks! x

  2. I grew up on the beach so its such a special place for me, so many summers down there everyday and i really hope my boys have those memories too. So far they LOVE it.
    Awesome jellies btw xxx

  3. I haven't been to the beach in years!!!! We must go even though i'm not sure what Paige would make of it. Love seeing the boys together... they are both getting so big x

  4. Looks like the boys had a fantastic time at the beach. What lovely photos too! Nothing better than a mini adventure that is family quality time well spent. We are off to the beach tomorrow so this just got me really excited.

  5. I adore Whitstable and thankfully it's only about 25 minutes from me! We'd happily throw stones and just eat chips ... kids don't need much really do they?

  6. Hi,

    Really enjoyed looking through your blog.


    The Dad Network


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