Sunday 13 July 2014

Healthy Toddler Snacks.

I am lucky that both my children are good eaters.  With the exception of sweet potato, they eat nearly everything put in front of them, and they eat an awful lot of it too.  I can only imagine what my food bill will be when they are teenagers!

Both mid morning and post nap, they have a snack, and I love coming up with different healthy and fun things to give them.  Here are a few from this week:

Goodies gingerbread men with their favourite fruit - Blueberries is a sure hit.  This is easy to take out and about as blueberries fit in a small pot and the gingerbread men come in little bags

Probably Dylan's favourite, grapes and blueberries (or sometimes strawberries) is easy, healthy and eaten in seconds!

Both boys love dried fruit and this is definitely a changing bag staple for us as it doesn't matter if it gets squashed.  We started with raisins, but they now love cranberries (pictures), kiwi, strawberries and anything else we can get our hands on.  There is loads of inspiration at

Carrot sticks and grapes brings in some veg, and yes I am lazy enough to buy the pre cut carrot sticks.  They are great for the whole family to munch on.

Cheesy biscuits offer a great savoury alternative to the fruit they have most days, and we love Goodies mini cheese crackers as they have no junk

And finally I have just discovered that Tesco does mini houmous pots which are perfect for little people to dunk in.  They are also perfect for work at home mums so now hold a permanent spot on our shopping list!

Do you have any suggestions for new things we should try?

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  1. My youngest Elliw would love every single one of those snacks but my eldest, Mia wouldn't! She's all for bananas, crisps and chicken! xxx


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