Friday 25 July 2014

Archie at 17 Months

Suddenly Archie looks so big, I don't know if it is the fact he is walking so much more, the clothes he wears or the fact that I have been thinking of him as a baby until I was forced to face the toddler he has become.  

Archie is a boy who knows what he wants, is determined to get it, and will let you know how displeased he is if anything stands in the way.  No obstacle is too big, no mountain too high that he won't attempt to go over, under or through it in the pursuit of something he probably isn't allowed.  If I tactfully block his way, I am met with a mini meltdown, and I catch a glimpse of the terrible twos which we seem to have skipped with Dylan but are inevitable with this little dude.  He is by no means bad, but he is testing the waters.

Mostly, Archie is a very happy little boy.  He loves being outdoors and the heat doesn't seem to bother him.  If you get a paddling pool out, he will climb straight in and sit patiently, even if there is no water in there.  The sand pit is equally as enticing, and these two places are about the only ones where he will just sit and play peacefully. I have started letting him out the buggy now he understands that he has to hold my hand and we walked all over the town together, him with a huge grin on his face, pulling me along excitedly.  

Archie is cheeky - everything from his mannerism to his grin and we love him for it.  He knows how to make us laugh and he knows when he is doing something naughty.  He loves to copy his brother, but also tends to lead him astray at the same time.  

Archie has always loved his food but he has decided exactly what he wants to eat now (carbs of any and every kind) and what he doesn't (veg), and if you dare to put some peas on his plate then you need to be prepared for them to be thrown out of the high chair one by one, with a little giggle as it happens.  We are still safe with vegetables hidden in meals though so we are having to be a bit more clever.

Roaring is an all time favourite pastime, and he will grab dinosaur toys and walk them along my arms or legs roaring at me,  He has also been doing this with food, and it isn't odd to see him grab a cheerio in the morning and make it roar across his high chair before dropping it into his mouth in an overly dramatic manner.  He loves lions and ducks (and these are also his favourite animal sounds to make), and quacks at every duck or bird we see.  He may look a little odd chasing pigeons quacking, but you can't help but smile.

Archie is talking a little more, although he says barely anything compared to Dylan at the same age.  This month's most used words are 'wee wee', 'down', 'car', 'water', 'football' and 'Dylan'.  He is happiest when his brother is around although their relationship is as up and down as you would expect from siblings so close in age.

Archie's personality shows more and more each month, and one thing is for certain, this little guy is going to be cheeky! He is challenging, extremely cuddly, hilarious and loving.  He loves to give kisses and he will come to me for cuddles throughout the day.  He keeps me on my toes, loves to make people laugh and has the most infectious smile.  Only one more month until he is one and a half, and possibly a haircut in the meantime!


  1. Aww lovely post :) The roaring sounds so cute, and he's just like Ethan is with wanting to be outside a lot! x

  2. Aww he's just gorgeous - and I'm afraid to say it, but all toddler now! Love the roaring too; it's so much fun seeing little ones' imaginations come to the fore isn't it!

  3. Archie is adorable!!!!

    He sounds so similar to my youngest son! He also ejects any form of vegetable put in front of him off of his highchair (and he used to eat absolutely everything...and only recently started micro-managing the contents of his dinner plate!), loves making lion noises and has similar antics to Archie when eating cheerios. He is also very cheeky and likes to lead his older brother astray!

  4. I love how al your posts pics at the moment are beach orientated xx


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