Thursday 20 February 2020

The Ordinary Moments - In The Storm

For two weekends in a row, the country was hit by storms and on the first occasion we welcomed the opportunity to stay in our pyjamas for the day, watching films, eating whatever snacks we could find and hiding in the safety of our house.  By the second weekend though, the outdoors was calling, children were climbing the walls and I knew we needed to get out, even if we didn't go far.

I took the three that wanted to get out to the little local supermarket to buy some popcorn in preparation for an evening in.  We made it there in one piece and they weren't done.  They asked if we could go down to the seafront for a hot chocolate to warm up our chilly hands and with an attitude of 'why not?' I said yes.  The wind was on our side and we made it there in record time.  We settled in an empty table and had our hot chocolates, the kind that comes as a solid square on a wooden spoon that you stir into a cup of hot milk.  

As we prepared to leave, the boys noticed the waves crashing on the sand and it was just too tempting.  We popped their scooters into an area of shade and went down onto the beach.  The sand whipped around our feet in a frenzy, the wind howled in our ears but nothing drowned out the sound of their laughter as they chased the waves and made the most of the deserted seafront.

There is a concrete platform that juts out over the dunes at one point, a small ice cream stall on top which of course was shut but underneath made the perfect shelter from the rain which was starting up.  The children made it into their house as their imaginations ran away with them and then they discovered a hole in the platform that dripped the rainwater down on to the sand.  

 I had to tear them all away when it was time to go home, they were soaked from playing in the water, their cheeks were rosy and their noses red.  It was nothing out of the ordinary for us, going to the beach in the winter but for some reason they played so much better and a dripping drain provided limitless amazement.  These are the ordinary moments that make up a childhood.

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