Sunday 23 February 2020

Spring is in the Air // Frugi

Advertorial/ Gifted Clothing
We got soaked by the rain today, totally out the blue but still I see the signs of Spring everywhere.  The sky is turning a brighter shade of blue on those days the clouds part to show it,  the daffodils are blooming in the park, standing bright and tall, letting us know the ground is about to bloom into colour and there have been the odd days over half term when we could play without a coat (still wrapped up in layers of course, just one less).

On one of those days I popped to the park with the little two dressed in some organic clothes that Frugi had sent us from the latest collection. Cora absolutely adores this cardigan and has shown it to everyone since it arrived and her dress is perfect for spinning in.  Finn loves all the rainbow bits and his trousers zip away to become shorts when it gets even warmer - brilliant multipurpose attire for a child who has to wear school uniform now so we need to make sure we get plenty of wear out of his home bits!

Of course Cora brought a baby with her (Azabelle) as well as her 'Mingo' bag, both of which were quickly discarded so she could run around with her brother.  They love the wildness of this nature garden, the long grass, the small pond and all the dog statues that are dotted around.  We caught snatches of afternoon sun which made everything brighter and we had a picnic of biscuits whilst we watched the birds flying over head.

I know how quickly the weather can still change in February.  Every year we seem to get these glimpses of warmer weather before it disappers as quickly as it came, but even if there is another cold spell, the promise of Spring is hanging in the air, and those Daffodils are planted solidly in the ground around us, not afraid of anything,

 Sizing - Cora is a petite 3 years 7 months and wearing 3-4, Finn is an average size and 5 next week wearing 5-6

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