Monday 10 February 2020

A Ski Holiday Through the Eyes of an Eight Year Old.

We have recently returned from a week skiing with Snowbizz, the family ski specialists and I wanted to share how our week went from a different perspective so I asked eight year old Dylan to talk about the week and I would write down exactly what he said.  He chose the photos for the post and all the words are his so if you want to hear a child's perspective then read on!

Snowbizz is really fun because you can ski.   Snowbizz is the best place as there are lots of pink ladies and on the last day you get rewards like badges.  There is ski school in the mornings.  Green is the easiest slopes, then blue, then red and black is the hardest.  I skied on red, green and blue runs and it was really hard when I was skiing on red. I like doing short cuts around the little posts .

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

The Resort

I love that there is lots of snow and the hotel.  There is lots of space for sledging, there is a creche and a ski school.  I like the Brown Bear cafe because they did tasty hot chocolate and crepes.  I like the creperie too, that is where we went for Crepe and Games night.

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

The Hotel

The hotel is really big and nice and I like the rooms.  Our apartment had 3 bedrooms and one living room. I had bunk beds in my room and Finn slept on the top and I slept on the bottom.  Our room was big enough for the beds and all the toys we brought with us. There was a locker room on floor 1 and we kept all our ski gear in there.  

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

Ski School

My instructor was Jean-Paul, he was nice.  We skied for 2 hours in our lessons and had a break most days to have a snack which we took in our pockets (my favourite was rice crispie squares).  Before the lesson starts there is a room with lots of games we can play or you can go outside on a snowy hill. The pink ladies are really nice and they play games with us.  It is a good place to make friends at ski school and the creche. 

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday


There are lots of different things to do in the afternoons like skiing, sledging, swimming and playing.  There is a sledging hill and you can go really fast.  We borrow sledges from the Snowbizz creche.  If you want to stay inside then you can go in the creche and do colouring and one afternoon I made bracelets for my friends.  I liked skiing in the afternoon.  We went up the mountain one day for lunch because there is a restaurant at the top and skied back down.  We went for hot chocolate some afternoons at one of the coffee shops.  I loved doing the giant jumps in the ski park.  I did them once in my lesson and then went up with Mummy to get some photos so I could show my friends how I could ski.  

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

Evening Kids Clubs

This was my favourite part.  There was one every day, my favourite was Disco because we got to play disco games and we made giant glow stick circles.  I also really liked Winter Olympics, we got to go sledging in the dark and we got to play races with the pink ladies and I won nearly every race! The other ones were crepe and games night, pizza party and talent show, treasure hunt and movie night on the last night.
family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

I love going on holiday with Snowbizz as it is so much fun.  Next year I want to go up a group and ski on the red slopes and get better at the jumps.  Next year I want to do all the kids clubs too as they are so much fun.  My brothers and sister all love going skiing too and next year Cora will be old enough for all the kids clubs.

family ski holiday, snowbizz ski holiday

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  1. This was so lovely! I think this would be a lovely feature on your days out too! Well done


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