Thursday 16 January 2020

The Ordinary Moments - Sparkle

Finn has never been shy, but he was quiet and content as a baby, slower to walk and talk than his brothers and curious about the world around him.  As a toddler he was headstrong, determined, wild and adventurous and we always knew we had him.  He is on the cusp of turning five now and he is still all the things he was as a toddler but more loving, caring and able than before.  He loves choosing his clothes and is drawn to anything bright.  His red Lycra unicorn leggings go straight back on the moment they come and the wash and he likes to pair them with his rainbow striped jumper just to make sure you really can't miss him.

Father Christmas understood his sparkly personality and chose him a sequin zip up top as his 'something to wear' and I wish I had captured the moment he put it on and first looked in the mirror.  He slowly turned, admiring himself from each angle with the biggest smile on his face.  He did a little boogie to watch the way it sparkled and looked absolutely delighted.

As he was enjoying his new present, the sun came out from behind and came flooding through the window, making the whole room light up with the reflections and his face was magical.  I wanted to capture that love and amazement as he realised he was a walking disco ball.  These photos weren't taken on Christmas morning but at the weekend as he was getting ready for a friend's birthday party.  There is no better excuse to wear a sequin jacket and he loved jumping around on my bed first admiring his impact.

This is a boy who knows his own mind, what makes him happy and he isn't afraid to go and get it and dressing up in your best sequin jacket is just an everyday moment in his life.

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