Friday 31 January 2020

The End of January

I can never get my head round how January is so long but it is coming to an end today and I wanted to finish it off with a family photo.  I have been taken these every month since Archie was a baby but I got a bit lazy at the end of last year. I want to get them all printed and into a book or something as they are so special to us and I love that no matter what else happens, there is a photo of me with them each month and a record of how we have all changed and grown.

In the first photos we are both holding the boys, but now I can barely lift  8 year old Dylan and I don't think there will be many more with Cora in my arms either if she keeps growing! This photo was taken on our recently holiday in France after a sledging session on the slopes.  I am impressed that I got anyone to smile as we were all a bit exhausted but the promise of a chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) 

I think the highlight of January for all of us has been our ski holiday but I have really enjoyed getting back into reading and Finn is fascinated by letters at the moment and is making a big effort with both reading and writing.  Cora has spent all month asking me if I can get her a dog once her boys are at school and the big two have to be dragged away from Minecraft if I need them to act human! We are looking forward to two birthdays in February and keeping our fingers crossed for some snow in the UK!

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