Thursday 30 January 2020

The Ordinary Moments - The Down Time

I have all the exciting skiing snaps to share, the sledging and snowballs and all the amazing things that made our week in the snow so special but there is more to a holiday than that, there are completely ordinary moments alongside the extraordinary.

Being at a ski resort is exhausting.  Every morning the children had their ski lessons and every afternoon we were either swimming, sledging or back out on our skiis.  They all loved the evening clubs and were desperate to go each night so it became part of our holiday routine to be home by 5pm from our afternoon fun, to snuggle the children on the sofa and put on one of the films I had downloaded onto my laptop for them.  There were only four and we pretty much watched the same film (Toy Story) every night but they were tired and enjoyed the familiarity.

Ed and I would tidy up and get dinner ready and they would all sit along the sofa and have some downtime to help balance a day of excitement.  It was totally ordinary and I wanted to take a picture of that too.  I love the idea of going tech free on holiday but I felt like what they needed most at this point in the day was to sit and relax.  Chances are if we were at home they would be doing a similar thing at 5pm!


  1. Down time is important for you and the kids. Such an exciting time and it looked awesome on fb and instagram. Glad you had a good time x

  2. Whenever we go on holiday we have this same sort of downtime, just enjoying doing nothing really after a busy day or a day outside. This sounds perfect to me! x


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