Sunday 12 August 2018

Cora and her Baby

Cora's favourite toy is her 'baby'.  She loves carrying and cuddling baby, feeding her, putting her on the potty, putting her to bed and pushing her round in the buggy.  At playgroups I have found her putting her doll into the jumperoo and helping the doll press the buttons.  The boys have all had dolls but none of them have taking such a caring role with them as Cora.

Caring doesn't mean that she doesn't pick them up by the neck, and of course if she hears a biscuit wrapper opening in another room she will drop poor baby on its head in her rush to find out what is going on and why she isn't involved.  I bought her a few soft rag doll types but her favourite one is definitely her First Baby Annabell doll that we were sent a couple of months ago.  It is a typical baby doll designed for younger children with plastic limbs and head and a soft body so it is easy to change her outfit and move her. 

I love watching Cora breastfeed her dolls although when we are out in a waiting room somewhere and she tries to insist that I feed the doll I am less impressed.  I can see she is watching and learning and it definitely mirrors her life in some ways as her favourite thing at the moment is to sit baby on the toilet before she uses it. 

These photos are nothing special but I loved capturing her with her baby as they are now.  I think she will need a little sling next!  

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