Friday 31 August 2018

Me and Mine in August

August has been a month of sunshine, travel, excitement, birthdays and fun.  It was been full to the brim and we are saying goodbye to it with a smile on our face, a tan on our bodies and worn out shoes, Despite the madness, we even managed to get three family photos this month, one on my birthday whilst we were staying in France and two during our trip to Disneyland (complete with cheesy Disney t-shirts!).

August saw Dylan turn 7, another of his teeth falling out (I think we are up to 8 now), me turning 31 and both a long weekend camping at a music festival, 5 days staying at a Eurocamp site in France and 3 days at Disneyland Paris.  We also went to Legoland and Dreamland, camped in the garden and spent lots of time with friends.  The end of August means the summer holidays are coming to an end and I don't think any of us feel quite ready for September just yet!

There is so much more I could say about this beautifully warm month we have just had but of course I am writing this last minute and I still want to sort through photos from all of our adventures.

This month I loved watching the Disney Illuminations,  playing in the water with the children in France, having everyone at home for the whole month and putting down my phone whilst we were away to enjoy the time a bit more.  

Ed loved Cora blowing raspberries at everything and everyone, fast-passing all the rides at Legoland, doing science experiments with the kids and enjoying the music with the children at the festival.

Dylan loved taking his friends to Legoland for a birthday trip, having his friends over to go camping in the back garden, seeing Feeder at Beautiful Days festival and watching the Princess Waltz at Disneyland.

Archie loved water slides in France, watching the Disneyland parade, playing on the inflatables at the fake beach in France and the magician shows at the festival.

Finn loved all the rollercoasters, swimming at the fake beach in France, seeing Justin Fletcher's band play at Dreamland and the fireworks at the end of the Disneyland Illuminations.

Cora loved blowing raspberries at everyone and everything, her new princess doll from Disneyland, swimming at the fake beach in a rubber ring and bossing everyone around.

I think September is going to be so calm and quiet after this busy month!

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