Monday 25 June 2018

Easy Enchildas with Tilda Rice

It is the season for outdoor eating and it isn’t just barbeques, I am giving the children as many of their meals outside as possible at the moment.  My house has never been cleaner! It was outdoor eating that inspired this dinner featuring Tilda kids rice which has always been one of our go to foods for those days when you need to get dinner on the table quick.

The Tilda kids rice takes only 40 seconds to cook in the microwave and counts as one of their five a day thanks to the vegetable goodness mixed in with the rice in each packet.  Most importantly, the kids love it and as they are all vegetarian I can nibble on any leftovers.

The boys have been asking to go to Legoland Windsor Resort for so long and as the Tilda Kids have an amazing offer on their packaging at the moment that allows one free entry with a paying adult to either Legoland Windsor Resort or Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester which is valid throughout the summer holidays and until the 1st November! (visit for more details)

tilda kids rice, kids enchiladas

I made these easy beany enchiladas by gently heating some beans and mixing in one packet of Tilda Kids Cheese and tomato rice.   The boys love both the sunshine rice and the cheese and tomato but I have to admit that this one is my favourite!

tilda kids rice, kids enchiladas

Once it was heated, I filled mini wraps with the mixture and rolled them into a little dish.  I covered them with mild salsa and some freshly grated cheese and baked under the grill on a medium heat until the cheese had melted and the wraps were starting to brown.

tilda kids rice, kids enchiladas

Meanwhile, I boiled some carrot sticks and mini corns to add some colour to the plate and sneak in some extra vegetables.  The Tilda kids rice contains lots of hidden veg so it is our go to for those last minute meals where you don’t want to cook anything too tricky!

tilda kids rice, kids enchiladas

I served up the mini enchiladas with the fresh vegetables and all four children loved them! The whole meal took around 10 minutes to make and was super tasty.  I think you could add some bbq chicken or some peppers in to the wraps to make it perfect for adults too!

I have of course kept the packets safe ready to take along to Legoland Windsor resort with us this summer!

tilda kids rice, kids enchiladas

This post is in collaboration with Tilda Rice

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