Thursday 28 June 2018

Al Fresco Dinners with Snapfish

It feels like we are getting a real summer this year.  We have been in shorts and short sleeved dresses for weeks now and it is still only June.  I am quite optimistic about the weather and I am hoping we have a long summer ahead. One of the reasons of course is that my house stays tidier.  The children wake up and head for the garden and if all goes well, they stay out there until it is time for bed. We have a little blue table with just the right amount of chairs for them all so the seagulls are cleaning up any mess rather than my broom!

We are slowly filling the garden with everything we need to make it fun and inviting for all ages and these photos are from an ordinary afternoon after school.  I cooked pizza and garlic bread knowing it is quick and easy and will all disappear and served it up on their little blue table. I am working with Snapfish and I couldn’t resist ordering them all their own coasters (and a matching pair for Ed and I).  You would not believe how many arguments were stopped in their tracks from having their face under their cup - I definitely need to get them personalised place mats made next!

We also designed a chopping board using the fun design tools on the Snapfish website.  I mixed four happy little chefs that remind me of my own with some fruit and veg and added our name too.  The plan is that this will be theirs for when they want to cook and get involved and they already love it.  I used the chopping board to serve the garlic bread although it disappeared pretty quickly!

It was easy to make the products and you can import photos straight from facebook and instagram.  I love how personal you can make each item and they make a perfect present! (My brother and sister in law have some personalised coasters coming as a gift!).  Snapfish have a selection of foodie inspired gifts that can be easily personalised with photos, text and embellishments.

This is what an ordinary Monday night looks like here with an al fresco dinner!

This post is in collaboration with Snapfish

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