Friday 6 April 2018

Sleeping through with Sleep Origins.

A magical thing happened recently, at 20 months Cora started sleeping through the night. It isn't every night and I am sure we may still go backwards at times, but it has been long enough not for me to announce it to the world without feeling like I should be touching wood.  Of course this means I am staying up later and playing on the fact that I will *hopefully* get a good night's sleep when I eventually close my eyes.  

Now that I have solved in part the amount of sleep issue, it is time to move on to the quality of sleep one.  We were sent a new mattress from Sleep Origins which came rolled up in a box and it wasn't until I saw it rolled out and fresh white on our bed that I realised how much I wanted a new mattress! If you have never watched a mattress come alive after being vacuum packed, it is one of the most amazing things and I wish I had filmed it! I was worried about the thickness when I saw it rolled out but it transformed into a full size (25cm) thick mattress in a matter of minutes.

sleep origins,, contoured mattress

The best feature of a Sleep Origins mattress is the way it contours to your body.  It features five innovative contour zones to provide support and pressure relief where you need it most meaning what sleeping on your side is so incredibly comfortable.  When I unpacked the British made mattress I could see the wavy lines which signal where these zones are and when I lie on it I can really feel the support it offers.  At the head of the bed, there are little pockets on the side designed for holding any essential oils you may want to add - we have lavender in ours which helps me to relax.

sleep origins,, contoured mattress

Sleep Origins hypo-allergenic mattresses combine award winning  micro pocket springs and next generation fresh cell technology to keep them cool, comfortable and ventilated.  The fact it is vacuum packed means I was the very first person to touch the mattress and of course I had an early night the first day to make sure I was the first person to sleep in it too!  I am finding the mattress really comfortable and it is silent and still when the other person turns over or moves which is brilliant.

sleep origins,, contoured mattress

As a busy mum, I need a mattress that will stay fresh, support my body after a long day and cope with the odd night time bed invader and this one ticks all the boxes.  I definitely find that due to the contouring it is designed more for side sleepers but I find it comfortable sleeping on my tummy or back as well.  The big challenge is keeping the children out now that they know how comfortable our bed is!  It is recommended to get a new mattress at least every 7 years so if you are approaching that mark then check out Sleep Origins 

sleep origins,, contoured mattress

This post is sponsored by Sleep Origins but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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