Monday 2 April 2018

Overnight in London with Urban Villa

I love how even a night away is considered a holiday when you are five and six and when we headed up to London to stay with Urban Villa both boys were super excited.  They had packed a backpack each with their essentials and we decided to drive up as it gave us more freedom.  Urban Villas is in Brentford on the outskirts of London (very close to Richmond Park and Kew Gardens) and as we arrived we still hadn't decided what we were going to do on our mini holiday.

We were booked into a Master Suite which happened to be on the top (10th) floor.  It isn't easy finding hotel rooms that accomodate larger families like ours but the suite was perfectly designed and spacious enough for the six of us.  It had a master bedroom with a really comfy queen sized bed and then a living area with a small kitchen a double sofa bed with memory foam mattress and a table and chairs.  The idea was going to be that the three boys shared the sofa bed but with Archie having broken his collar bone a couple of days before our visit we decided that it might risk it getting knocked so we asked for a second cot which the staff brought up straight away for us.

We had one travel cot set up in our bedroom and a second in the living room and the villa still felt spacious and practical.  The best feature though, was a conservatory style addition along the long wall and round the corner with glass walls that looked over the city.  The children loved running round in a circle, through the big doors at the end of the living room and back into the master bedroom.  It made the room brighter and so interesting.  There was a little table and chairs out there too which was ideal for eating breakfast and admiring the view!

Our night was comfortable and peaceful and the children were so sad when we had to leave the next morning, despite us having an exciting day planned in central London. We decided to head to the Southbank which was a 25 minute drive or 50 minutes on the trains for our adventures and it was so nice to have been closer and not have to travel so far on the morning.  

Urban Villa is definitely somewhere we will consider staying again as the room was perfect for bigger families like ours, the kitchen was fully stocked which gave us the freedom to cook at home and the wifi was really fast and free.  We all had a great night's sleep and the room felt pretty soundproof to the outside world from other noises inside and outside the hotel. 

Our night with Urban Villa was complimentary for the purpose of this review 
but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own

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