Sunday 9 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments // Settling in Sessions

There are only 6 more sessions of nursery and then he has finished, for the summer, forever.  Next September Archie will be joining his big brother at school and he is pretty excited.  This week we had the final one of his three settling in sessions and I left him in his classroom for two hours.

The first two sessions involved me sitting in the hall listening to the head teacher and other members of staff and PTFA talking to us about the school and what to expect whilst Archie went off to his new classroom for an hour.  This final one was two hours though and I dropped him off and left the school.  

Archie never wavered, never looked back and I think (I hope) September will be just the same.  Unlike his brother who only turned 4 a month before he started school, Archie will be four and a half and that bit more ready.  I heard others speak of the boredom when Dylan was coming towards the end of preschool, but with a summer born baby I never really understood.  With my February son I get it though.  Archie seems to have outgrown preschool in many ways, he seems bored, ready for the next stage and I think school will challenge and encourage him in the right ways.

I didn't feel nearly as emotional when I dropped him.  I remember the worry with Dylan, counting down until I could collect him and constantly checking the time.  With Archie it felt easier and I don't know if it is because he is the second baby, or because he is that bit older, but we both enjoyed the session.

That was the last session until September now.  We need to buy uniform, shoes and a schoolbag and I know the time will fly until this baby boy of mine will be joining his big brother in the school playground at 9am.


  1. I am so glad he's loving it, it's such a relief when they're happy, but just when did our babies get that big!!

  2. I'm so pleased they have gone well. This was my last year and my daughter is a summer baby and it was weird her going to all her settling in sessions when she was still 3 years old. Have a fantastic summer x #theordinarymoments

  3. I'm glad the sessions went well, Its a good think he has an older brother so he knows what to expect

  4. We have so much to do before September but Troy is so, so ready for school. He'll be about 4.5 too and as much as he loves nursery he is REALLY going to love school! x

  5. AH I'm glad it went so well. I can't believe how quickly the time goes!! #ordinarymoments

  6. I think its easier second time around too, when Lily school started she was already visiting school each day with James and knew familiar faces. I have a September starter too, and shes so ready for it too, much more ready than me!! Glad your little man is settling in well xx

  7. So lovely that he settled well, I felt so emotional when my eldest started I don't know how I will feel with the youngest!

  8. It makes a big difference, having an older sibling that already models school life for them and makes it an exciting, non-threatening thing to aspire to! I did cry a few tears when I settled the first in, but by now, moving the second on to his primary school, it's a dry-eyes business. Not sure how I'll feel leaving baby at nursery later in the summer though!
    Good luck, Archie!


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